We take a look at some of the best game-improvement irons 2020 has to offer that could help you find more greens and attack more pins this season

Best Game-Improvement Irons 2020

Take a look at our list of the best game-improvement irons 2020 has to offer  below.

Outside your annual sub, your irons are probably the most expensive golf purchase you are likely to make, so it’s worth spending a little bit of extra time researching some of these models to make sure you get the best set for your swing and budget.

Alongside the heads you decide to try, you’ll need to consider your shaft options. The shaft plays an important role in making sure you are maximising speed and delivering the club correctly, something your local pro will be able to check out for you.

Within this particular category of the best game-improvement irons 2020 has to offer, you’ll find clubs designed to get the ball up in the air quickly to give you longer carries. To stop this becoming an issue, stronger lofts are common to keep your trajectories on a piercing flight.

Game-improvement irons also tend to be larger to be more forgiving, which is why mid-to-high handicappers tend to favour them.

With all that in mind, below are some of the best game-improvement irons 2020 has to offer.

Best Game-Improvement Irons 2020

Ping G410

best game-improvement irons 2020

Ping G410 irons review

Despite being smaller than the outgoing G400, the brand new G410 iron still manages to be more forgiving thanks a drastic reallocation of weight, including the removal of the Custom Tuning Port in the cavity and tungsten weights being added in the hosel and toe. Visually, the G410 iron has 10 per cent less offset and a shorter blade length than G400. You’ll also notice the co-molded cavity bade, which features aluminium and santoprene materials to dampen vibration for improved sound and feel.

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Pro

best game-improvement irons 2020

The latest addition to the JPX919 family is the Hot Metal Pro, a slimmed down version of the Hot Metal. It shares the same technology as the original, like the open heel section that spreads perimeter weighting to the rest of the clubhead for added stability, and the stronger Chromoly 4140M material that allows the face to be made thinner and therefore faster. However the offset has been reduced by 10 per cent and the overall profile is smaller.

TaylorMade SIM Max


Designed for the golfer seeking all-around performance in a distance iron, SIM Max is built to deliver fast ball speeds, high launch and forgiveness. The Speed Bridge first seen on the M5 and M6 irons remains which combines with the Inverted Cone Technology and Echo Damping System to create a quality game-improvement iron.

Cobra King Speedzone

To go along with the new King Speedzone woods, Cobra also introduced irons to the range, which are said to deliver extra distance thanks to the first ever carbon fibre topline. Two strips of carbon fibre replace steel both on the topline and underneath the topline in the 4-7 irons, creating a new I-beam type of construction allowing for saved weight and structural soundness. Additionally Cobra introduced progressive grooves that go from V-shaped grooves in the 4-6-irons to U-shaped grooves in the 7-PW. This is said to create consistent spin and flight.

Honma T World 747 P

best game-improvement irons 2020

The TWorld747 P is a game-improvement iron that provides the ultimate confidence at address and increased forgiveness on miss-hit shots. Made from high-strength stainless steel and a 20g tungsten weight on the sole of the club, the P irons provide a strong loft and high ball speed to offer ideal trajectory and distance

Titleist T300

Titleist T300 First Hit Review

One of the five new Titleist irons the manufacturer introduced recently, the T300 looks to be the iron most like the incredibly popular Titleist 718 AP1. In terms of aesthetics at address it has a large top-line and a bit of off-set however the slightly darker finish makes it look a lot more compact than it actually is.

In all we think this iron fits those mid-to-high handicappers that require help and assistance with their ball striking for longer, straighter carries especially from the longer irons.

Callaway Mavrik

Callaway introduced three models to the Mavrik range of irons including the standard design (pictured above). Like the woods in the new line of clubs, the Mavrik irons also feature Flash Faces designed by a super computer which significantly boosts ball speed and increases spin robustness from every club in the set. Thanks to the design and aesthetics of the standard Mavrik irons, they should appear to a wide variety of golfers of differing abilities.

Wilson Staff C300

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

Wilson Staff C300 irons review

GM says: The C300 irons feature Power Holes around the entire club head to minimise contact between the body and face, providing maximum flex and expanding the sweet spot for greater ball speeds across the entire hitting surface. The low spin combined with a high launch and ball flight is a recipe for impressive yardages. That and the explosive feel and ample forgiveness, which comes from the overall size and flexible face.

Cleveland Launcher UHX

Launcher UHX Irons incorporate hollow long irons (4-7-irons) for more distance and forgiveness, with lower and deeper weighting compared to traditional cavity back irons. Meanwhile, the 8-iron through pitching wedge features a cavity back construction, which focuses on precision and control rather than maximizing distance.

Lynx Predator


Lynx Predator irons review

GM says: These Lynx Predator irons are made from stainless steel and are designed to offer a high Moment of Inertia for added forgiveness. They also feature a progressive offset design to make the longer irons easier to square the face – preventing shots from being lost out to the right. Not only do they offer great value, but they also come in four different colour options – black, orange, green and yellow.

What else should you consider?

Set make up
Some of these game-improvement iron sets will include the option of switching out the 3, 4 and even 5-irons for easier-to-hit hybrids, which could help your game in the trickier end of your bag.

Your goals
If you have the time and motivation to work on swing improvements, you may want to favour the more compact models that offer a little more feel and workability for longer term value.

Shaft type
Steel shafts are cheaper and generally more common, however graphite shafts are lighter, will tend to offer you more clubhead speed for extra distance and will usually make it easier to launch the ball.

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