A look at some of the best golf accessories that are on the market to help you be fully prepared and play your best this season


Best Golf Accessories 2019

Take a look at some of the best Golf Accessories 2019 below.

Feeling fully prepared for a game of golf can give you the edge over the opposition. There are a huge number of golf accessories available to complete your equipment package and it’s important to know which ones to add to your bag. Many accessories are essential to success on the fairways, others will simply enhance your playing experience. Here we take a look at a selection of golf accessories that all golfers should consider having at their disposal.

Below are some of our favourites. With some of the products you’ll see a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item, but this doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Best Golf Accessories 2019

TaylorMade Tour Double Canopy 64″ Umbrella

With a huge 64″ canopy, protect yourself from the wind and rain with this umbrella from TaylorMade.

Portland Vintage Tweed Golf Wash Bag

Portland Vintage Tweed Golf Wash Bag,

Perfect for the golfer who has everything. If you know someone who is golf mad, then you can bet they won’t have a golf wash bag, certainly not one that resembles a mini bag.

PRG Originals Headcovers

PRG spotted that gap in the market and stepped into it superbly well. Their range of Originals headcovers allow the golfer to express a bit of personality without the need for ostentatious showing off.

PuttOUT Mirror Trainer with Gate

The PuttOUT Mirror Trainer with Gate make it possible for golfers to work on their game at home or outside, and provide instant visual feedback.

It works with a glossy mirror surface that helps golfers easily identify their stroke path – be that inward, outward or square. In addition, the Mirror comes with a stand-alone 50mm putting gate, as well as set of two 3-inch magnetic alignment guides, allowing golfers to practice eye, shoulder and ball alignment, and work on the stroke’s path and target by having the putter pass through the guides.

Masters Golf Drill Stix Training Aid

These sticks will help you with your alignment in a simple way and cheap price.

FootJoy RainGrip

FootJoy RainGrip, Best Wet Weather Golf Gloves 2017

As you may expect from glove specialist FootJoy, it has some super wet weather offerings. This RainGrip model provides a leather-like feel and is most effective in wet and humid conditions. It features QwikDry knit material on the back of the hand for optimum breathability, flexibility and comfort too.

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Laser Rangefinder 

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Laser Rangefinder, Best Laser Rangefinders 2018

GM Says: Compared to other lasers we’ve tried, it is really lightweight and quick to lock on, with a helpful vibration confirming you’ve measured the flag and not a tree in the background. This laser also features what Bushnell calls Slope-Switch Technology, which makes moving between normal distances and those compensated for gradient (legal for non-competitive golf only), effortless. It means you’re getting two lasers in one, and you can’t argue with that. There’s no need to worry either, because this unit still conforms to the Rules of Golf.

J. Lindeberg Slater 40 Pro Belt

A classic belt with the famous JL design on the buckle, this is made in Italy with quality materials.

Motocaddy Umbrella Holder

Motocaddy Umbrella Holder, Best Golf Accessories 2018

Motocaddy has a superb collection of accessories to go with its trolley range. If you’re a Motocaddy owner or know someone who is and are stuck for gift ideas, then one of these is a must. There’s only one thing better than a Motocaddy trolley: a fully kitted Motocaddy trolley.

PING Tri-Fold Towel

After each shot make sure you have this PING trifold towel attached to the bag so that you can clean your expensive clubs.

Colin Montgomerie Hip-Flask

Sometimes golf gets to the best of us and the hip-flask is our first port of call on those kinds of days. This offering from Colin Montgomerie feature the distinctive kidney shaped design along with five silver tees.

Groove Caddy Club Cleaner

Groove Caddy Club Cleaner, Best Golf Accessories 2018

We’d guess that quite a large percentage of golfers don’t clean their clubs after each round. At least with a tool like this the process is made a little easier. The Groove Caddy Club Cleaner is a motorised club cleaning brush that provides the easiest and fastest way of clearing out all that grime. Importantly, its nylon bristles are non-abrasive.

Nike Aerobill TW Classic 99 Cap

Part of the Tiger Woods collection, look the part with this legendary cap with his logo on the front.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grip

A Tour proven grip, these Plus4’s have excellent performance thanks to a soft rubber material and Brushed Cotton Cord. These are ideal for all weather conditions.

Oakley Flak 2.0 Sunglasses


Oakley Flak 2.0 Sunglasses, Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

One of Oakley’s most popular models, the Flak 2.0 features High Definition Optics that provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle. Oakley’s Prizm lens technology also fine-tunes vision that comes into its own when you’re on the course and reading greens, for example.

Nelnissa Portable Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Nelnissa Portable Pop Up Golf Chipping Net, Best Golf Training Aids 2018

The practice gift for every golfer, this net is essential for that one player in your group that needs to practice their chipping.

PuttOUT Deluxe Putting Mat

PuttOUT Deluxe Putting Mat, Best Golf Accessories 2018

This nylon mat ensures you can groove your putting stroke anytime and anywhere. It’s not just a mat, though. This premium putting mat/training aid features alignment lines, foot markers, a target hole and much more. This could well help take your game to the next level and turn you into the confident putter you’ve always wanted to be.

G/FORE Golf Glove

Made from premium leather and available in a multitude of colours, these gloves are sure to help you stand out from the crowd just as Bubba Watson does.

Winning Edge Sergio Garcia Brown Bull Head Cover

The autograph of Sergio Garcia is stitched into this head cover.

GAME GOLF LIVE Digital Tracking System

GAME GOLF LIVE Digital Tracking System, Best Golf Accessories 2018

This product allows you to connect to your game by inserting tags into your grips. You can then track your shots in real time by pairing your phone via Bluetooth. This wearable technology is a serious bit of kit but it’s an investment that will give you a lot in return, notably stats for putting, off the tee and short game.

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