Read our guide to the best golf hybrids and utility clubs for 2020. Find your perfect club and transform your scoring.


Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2020

Matching the correct hybrid to your game can transform your scoring, but there is a lot to consider.

A hybrid, utility, or rescue is often more appealing than a long iron thanks to the extra forgiveness on offer and a more confidence-inspiring head.

They can provide a superb option on long par 3s, can be great to hit low shots out the trees and can even help around the greens from bare lies. In short, a hybrid is the most versatile club you can carry.

How do we define ‘best’? Well, there are some fantastic models on the market and Golf Monthly has been busy on the range putting each model through its paces. You’ll have your own preferences in terms of looks and some products target certain skills levels – but we’ve covered all abilities here.

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Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2020

Titleist TS2 Hybrid

Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2020

Titleist TS2 and TS3 First Hit Reviews

Coming in to replace the 818H1 and H2 hybrids are Titleist’s TS2 and TS3 models. Featuring a thinner crown, face and higher MOI, these hybrids are said to increase ball speed and clubhead stability, resulting in consistently longer and straighter shots. The larger, more forgiving TS2 hybrid is designed for players who prefer the look of a fairway wood and have more of a shallow, sweeping delivery into the ball.

Titleist TS3 Hybrid

The TS3 is built for those who hit down on their hybrid like an iron with more offset and a squarer toe.

TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid

Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2020


Much like the SIM Ti fairway wood, the SIM Max Rescue has also incorporated V Steel technology into a hybrid for the first time to deliver improved turf interaction and reduced friction when playing from various lies. A reshaped leading edge further improves playability and strike conditions. The corrective technologies of Twist Face and Speed Pocket offer improved performance and forgiveness on mis-hits on the toe, heel and low on the face.

Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid


To go along with the Speedzone drivers and fairway woods, the King Speedzone hybrids are available in variable and one-length options and feature the same hollow split rail system that allows for more flex than solid rails for higher launch and increased distance.

Callaway Mavrik Hybrid

Replacing the Rogue line of hybrids comes Mavrik which has standard, Pro and Max models to choose from. The new clubs feature a lot of the same technology that features in the drivers and fairway woods, including fully optimised Flash faces which come in every loft for the first time, along with Jailbreak to enhance ball speed.

Ping G410 Crossover Utility Iron



If you prefer the look of an iron than a fairway wood, this is a fantastic option from Ping. It spins like an iron to aid workability for shot shaping, but with a hot and forgiving club-face like a hybrid, making it very versatile. The club has a maraging steel face attached to a stainless steel head which contains the 30g weight to boost forgiveness.

Honma Tour World 747 UT Hybrid

Like much of the new 2019 range from Honma, the 747 UT has been designed to lower the centre of gravity. This is then combined with the strategic weight placement in the head to provide greater accuracy and flight the ball in whatever way the player desires.

TaylorMade P790 UDI Utility Iron

Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2020

TaylorMade P790 UDI Review

From a technological standpoint the P790 UDI iron features a forged hollow body filled with Speed Foam and low profile tungsten weight.

Again it comes with the Inverted Cone face and ThruSlot Speed Pocket, but unlike the old version the new P790 UDI features internal metal-injection-molded (MIM) tungsten weighting for precise CG placement, aiding forgiveness and playability.

Other updates include a cleaner overall look, increased toe height and slightly less offset preferred visually by the better player.

Ping G410 Hybrid

Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2020

Ping’s first ever adjustable hybrid, the G410 can be adjusted in a multitude of ways to affect trajectory, spin, loft and lie. The maraging steel face has been thinned out compared to the G400 which is designed to generate higher ball speed, launch and distance whilst the back-weight increases stability and forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Mizuno CLK Hybrid

Mizuno’s new CLK hybrid has been designed to offer golfers a versatile, high-performing connection between irons and fairway woods. The new Dual Wave sole technology has been designed to create a wider profile at address and a higher ball flight to help the player attack tighter pins. There are also several structural refinements to ensure a solid sound at impact. 

TaylorMade DHY Utility Iron


TaylorMade SIM DHY Review

The SIM DHY is a driving hybrid that offers a larger overall footprint with a thicker top line, wider sole and a shallower profile that delivers hybrid-like forgiveness. The larger head shape is designed to inspire confidence and it should produce a mid-high trajectory.

TaylorMade SIM UDI Utility Iron


TaylorMade SIM UDI Review

Conversely the SIM UDI (ultimate driving iron) has a more traditional players iron profile with a thinner top line and slimmer sole for enhanced workability and shot making.

Titleist U500 Utility Iron

Titleist U500 and U510 Utilities Review

Launched just before The Open Championship at Royal Portrush, the new U500 and U510 utility irons have been designed to expand a player’s shot options at the top end of the bag, producing more distance than a standard long iron and less spin than a hybrid.

Titleist U510 Utility Iron

The more compact U500 (left) is the player’s utility iron designed for shot making whereas the U510 (right) provides hybrid-like performance in a forgiving, muscular iron shape. Additionally both combine an ultra-thin, forged L-face with large amounts of high-density tungsten to deliver higher launch and faster ball speeds and distance with forgiveness.

Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid


Aimed at better ball players who perhaps need more forgiveness provided from a long iron, 2019 sees the introduction of the new Apex model from Callaway. A traditionally shaped hybrid, Jailbreak technology remains to provide a stiffer body and faster ball speeds at impact thanks to more face flex. The forged Carpenter steel face creates added forgiveness across the club-head so the negative impact of a mis-hit is minimal.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron

Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2020

Designed to deliver a combination of distance, reliability and forgiveness, the Wilson Staff Model Utility iron features seven grams of weight positioned low in the club head for increased launch angles.

A high-strength maraging steel face deliver greater ball speeds across the entire face for improved distances, plus a hollow body long iron solution has been refined for optimised feedback on miss hit shots.

Srixon ZX Hybrid


The Srixon ZX hybrid has a stepped crown that lowers the center of gravity to optimize launch and increase MOI as well as helping with alignment. It comes in lofts 16°, 19° or 22°.

Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron

Designed with a clean, iron-like look at address, Srixon‘s Z U85 has a reflective back edge which makes the club look narrower than it actually is. In terms of construction an ultra-soft 1020 carbon steel combines with a high-strength SUP10 face which means you get more feel and distance whether it be from the tee or from the ground.

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid Revealed

Callaway expanded their Flash metal-woods range with the introduction of this hybrid which looks to deliver total performance thanks to cutting edge technology. Their Jailbreak technology, which features on the Rogue hybrid below, has been combined with New Metal-Injected Molding (MIM’ed) tungsten weights which have been designed into each pear-shaped head to optimise launch and ball flight characteristics. They have also used a Triaxial Carbon fabric called T2C in the crown which allows weight to be redistributed elsewhere in the head.


If you like the look of one of these hybrids or utility clubs, we recommend speaking to a qualified expert, hopefully during a custom fitting, only then will you be certain of what’s actually best for you. We hope this has given you an idea of where to go next, but be sure to browse Golf Monthly further for more reviews and videos.

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