Our guide to the best mid price golf balls on the market in 2020. Here are our favourites that sit one down from the premium bracket.

Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2020

Golf balls can be loosely categorised as ‘Value’, ‘Mid Price’ or ‘Premium’. You may feel you’re at a stage in your game where you want more performance from your ball than what a value ball can offer; or you might prefer not to fork out over £45 on a dozen premium balls – which is perfectly understandable.

If you’re not going all out on a premium golf ball, read our list of the best mid price options and you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of which one will suit your own game.

All we’d say is that as the one piece of equipment you use for every shot, it’s imperative you get this right, so you get the most out of your game. We also recommend you try before you buy, as different brands have conflicting fitting messages.

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Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2020

Titleist Tour Soft


GM Says: The new Tour Soft for 2020 features the largest core ever produced by Titleist to deliver longer distance and better short game performance than the prior generation. The larger core also required a thinner 4CE grafted cover, producing increased short game spin around the green and we also liked the new Tour Soft “T” sidestamp which can be used for alignment.

Callaway Supersoft Magna

GM Says: The Callaway Supersoft Magna is an intriguing and unique alternative in the crowded golf ball market. Being three per cent larger than a traditional ball but still conforming to the rules of golf, it is said to be more forgiving, more stable through the air, easier to launch and to make solid contact.

Srixon AD333 Tour

Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2020

GM Says: Srixon’s 3rd generation SpinSkin replaces the previous version on the urethane cover to provide more control around the greens on the AD333 Tour balls. Use of 338 dimples compared to 324 on the previous version creates a longer and more stable flight while a slightly lower compression from 75 to 72 should aid distance off the tee for slower swing speed players.

Wilson Staff Duo Professional

Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2020

GM Says: Coming in a range of matte colour ways, from white, to green, to orange, the Wilson Staff Duo Professional ball was released in 2019. Launched as the world’s softest 3-piece Urethane ball, the Duo has been re-engineered to provide excellent scuff resistance along with exceptional feel and control around the greens.

TaylorMade Tour Response

GM Says: The Tour Response is a three-piece ball with a high-spring, 40-compression core made from elastic materials designed to maximize energy transfer for more distance. A firmer second layer surrounds the soft inner core and allows for increased speed while keeping spin low off the tee. The cast urethane cover also helps create more spin around the greens because it digs into grooves of wedges.

Callaway ERC Soft

GM Says: Named after Callaway founder Ely Reeves Callaway, the ERC Soft has been designed to offer a soft feel without compromising on distance, it also features new “Triple Track Technology” to aid with alignment and accuracy.

The ERC Soft is made with Callaway’s largest Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core to date, maximising compression energy for extremely fast ball speeds, while also generating low spin off the driver and higher launch. We found it great from tee to green, a nice feel off the clubface and delivering impressive launch – it’s definitely long. The lack of spin with the driver is notable, but it does also check up well on cleanly struck iron shots and pitches.

Wilson Staff DX3 Soft Spin

wilson staff DX3-soft-spin

GM Says: The 40 compression DX3 Soft Spin ball is the world’s softest multi-layer golf ball and incorporates a new inner core that generates low spin rate off a driver face as well as long distance. A new and responsive HPF blend mantle and softer Surlyn cover increases spin on approach shots. The dimple depths have also been adjusted to make them shallower and they feature the new 302SL-H Dimple Pattern (5.7% shallower dimples) for higher trajectory and longer distance.

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold 

GM says: The new Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls sees the previous Superhot model combined with three on-trend matte finishes to give golfers the option to add some colour to their game without compromising on performance. In addition to the matte colours, the ball features a three-piece construction and combines a large, High Energy Core with an ultra-soft thin ionomer cover. This combination creates faster ball speeds for distance with soft feel.

Volvik Vivid



GM Says: The first matte-finished golf ball range comes in a wide variety of colours and is said to offer a stable, consistent flight as well as longer distance, especially for slow and mid swing speed golfers.

Vice Golf Pro Soft


GM Says: Tiny silicate particles in the clear lacquer create the first matte-finished, urethane-covered golf ball. This three piece ball has a low compression for a soft feel and explosive distance while also offering greenside spin. Available to buy online, the more you buy the cheaper the cost.

Pearl Golf Pure Pro/Pro X

Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2020

GM Says: Perhaps not a brand especially on your radar, Pearl Golf is actually making some impressive golf gear and an example of this is its Pure Pro and Pure Pro X balls. Usually, the first area where many of these lower price point balls often falls down is short game feel and control, but this wasn’t the case here. During testing both performed excellently and the bright white finish remained as such for a whole round. Damage from scuffs and knicks were minimal too. In summary, the Pure Pro and Pure Pro x are excellent alternatives for golfers seeking all-round performance at a lower price.

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