Nike may have stopped making golf clubs but there are still plenty of deals out there from the brand.

Best Nike Golf Deals Right Now

Back in 2016 Nike officially announced that they would stop making golf clubs however they are still a prominent brand on the golfing scene with their apparel, shoes and hats still being worn by some of the best players in the world. In fact there are some players who still carry Nike clubs in the bag, like Brooks Koepka and Tommy Fleetwood.

Our team at Golf Monthly tests hundreds of products each year which we think puts us in a unique position to give advice on what the best products are, and whether a certain price is value for money.

Because of this position, we think we should pass our knowledge and experience onto you which is the purpose of this piece – to give you the best deals on Nike products, for the best price.

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Best Nike Golf Deals Right Now

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour Shoes

As worn by Rory McIlroy, these shoes are new for 2019 and look fantastic in black or white. They come with a two-year waterproof warranty and benefit from various bits of technology to provide a stable and comfortable shoe. The Flyweave construction on the upper quarter is lightweight and flexible and the Nike React technology helps with comfort. The outsole has Integrated Traction to give you grip in every stance you find yourself in on the golf course.

Rory wearing the shoes whilst playing on the PGA Tour.

Nike Therma Repel Golf Top

Nike make some loud and bright products but as far as golf tops go the Nike Therma Repel has a more understated look without sacrificing anything in regards to performance. It has a water-repellent finish to keep you dry and the ultra-soft, brushed, Nike Therma fabric keeps you warm as well.

Nike AeroBill Classic 99 Cap

One of the highest quality caps you can buy, the Nike Aerobill Classic 99 model is constructed using a lightweight 4-way stretch fabric that sits perfectly on your head regardless of size or shape. It also features Nike’s AeroBill technology on each side of the cap to enhance breathability and make sure it remains comfortable on your head.

Nike Men’s Dry Victory Polo

Made with a double-knit fabric and available in several different colours, Nike’s Dry Victory Polo is one of the cheapest ways to get the Nike look. A regular fit and constructed with a stretchy fabric, these shirts are extremely comfortable and have fantastic ventilation to help you keep cool on those hot golfing days.

Nike Flat Front Trousers Dark Grey

A good few pairs of golf trousers is a must when playing every weekend as we all dream of doing, and these trousers deliver on all fronts. A classic design combined with an ultra-soft feel, they have a relaxed fit to help you move without restriction and have their Dry-Fit technology to boot. The V-notch in the bottom hem is also a underrated feature as it allows the trousers to fit over your shoes.

Nike Essential Embossed

Another great looking shirt, the Essential Embossed is available in royal blue and white and has an athletic style that looks great. Additionally it has moisture wicking technology which works to remove sweat to the outside of the shirt so that it evaporates quicker.

Nike Dry Half Zip Mid Layer

Perfect for cooler days on the course, this Mid Layer is made from a knit fabric that is lightweight, stretchy and breathable. The fabric feels lovely against the skin and in no way restricts movement which is vital when out on the course. Nike has an uncanny ability to make products that look good on and off the course and this top is no exception.

Nike Flat Front Trousers 010

Another pair of quality trousers, these come with all the same tech as the pair above, such as the Dri-Fit technology and the V-notch in the bottom hem. Additionally the twill-fabric is brushed to give a soft feel.

Nike Air Zoom Precision

The precursor model to Rory’s new shoes above, you can now pick up these Air Zoom Precision shoes with a saving of over £40. They come with a hybrid outsole and Nike Air cushioning that provides supreme comfort and the waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry. The premium leather and design makes the shoes look brilliant on the course too so if you are in the market for a new pair of golf shoes, these could be worth a try.

Nike Women’s Dry Half Zip Top

A lightweight top that suits a variety of golf conditions, it performs nicely when it is hot thanks to its breathability and the high collar allows coverage when it is chilly too. The elastic sleeves allow for additional layers to be worn too in case the wind picks up. As usual the look and design of this top is high-quality.

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