Check out the latest drivers that Ping has on offer and how the technology differs to suit different player types

Best Ping Drivers

Ping has delivered some of the game’s most innovative products over the years, across a number of equipment categories. indeed given the success of Tour players, Ping has clearly been creating the best golf drivers on the market for a long time now.

In fact, it’s hard not to become a little misty-eyed looking back: the Anser putter, Eye 2 irons, TiSi driver… the list goes on.

The best Ping drivers? Well, the G2 was a favourite and in more recent times there was the popular G driver – and we were also big admirers of the G400 and G400 Max.

When the G410 Plus arrived, we were interested to see how performance had been moved on.

Custom fitting is a core principle of the Ping brand, so when we test the product we’re always keen to stress how important one is in order to get the most of out the technology.

In terms of this best Ping drivers guide, be sure to read our reviews below to find out more about each product.

Alternatively if Ping is not for you, we have also created guides for other brands too – such as the best Cobra drivers, the best Titleist drivers, or the best Callaway drivers.

Best Ping Drivers

Ping G410 Plus Driver

Best Ping Drivers

Image credit: Ping

+  Faster and more forgiving than G400 Max
+  Moveable weight bolsters versatility
–  Loud sound won’t please everyone

This is Ping’s first ever driver with moveable weight and one of the most forgiving drivers out right now.

The Ping G410 Plus cleverly positions the 16-gram weight at the very back of the driver, maintaining low CG while also adjusting shot shape.

In testing, we were impressed with both club speed and ball speed – as we were with the solid feel and powerful impact sound.

Despite adding moveable weight and expanding loft adjustability, none of what made the G400 such an impressive offering has been sacrificed.

In summary, it’s one of the fastest drivers we’ve tested and has the ability to suit a wide range of player types.

Ping G410 Plus Driver Review

Ping G410 SFT Driver

Best Ping Drivers

Image credit: Ping

+ Impressive forgiveness levels
+ Perfect for slicers seeking a straighter flight
– Not suitable for golfers with a hook

If you’re looking for a draw-biased driver, and one that offers plenty of forgiveness, Ping’s G410 SFT driver is likely to be the model for you.

It features the same key technology as the other two drivers in the Ping G410 range, although it has a lighter swing weight and the 16-gram weight is fixed in a more heelward position to produce even more draw bias than the G410 Plus in its draw position.

Given all this technology we also included it in our guide on the best golf drivers for seniors and best high handicap drivers.

Ping G410 LST Driver

Best Ping Drivers

Image credit: Ping

+ Low spin ideal for faster swingers
+ Provides more workability
– Smaller size means it lacks forgiveness versus the other models

At 450cc, the low spin model is 5cc smaller in volume compared to the G410 Plus – although this isn’t especially obvious.

The creased hook effect of the Turbulators – which have been enlarged for extra club speed through reduced drag – may divide opinion, but they do a good job of hiding the moveable weight.

For us, it was just as impressive as the G410 Plus on centred hits, helping those who need lower spin achieve it without sacrificing significant levels of forgiveness.

It’s a club you can really dial in to provide the launch conditions and shot shape you want to see, especially when you consider the wide shaft choices available.

Those golfers with fast swing speeds should definitely mark this down as one to try.

Ping G410 LST Driver Review

Ping G Le2 Driver

Ping G Le2 Driver

Image credit: Ping

+ Lightweight for faster swing speeds
+ Excellent and effective adjustability
– Striking looks may not be to everyones taste

This is the second generation of the women’s G Le range and with custom fitting being a core principle of the Ping brand, there are more fitting options in the latest edition to allow players to dial-in for an optimum fit.

It features an adjustable, eight-position hosel to alter the loft – plus there are three different settings for the lie of the club.

The light titanium clubhead is designed to promote faster clubhead speed, whilst the Internal heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin for straighter ball flights. 

Meanwhile, a thin, forged face increases flexing for ball velocity and improved launch conditions.

For more information, read our guide to the best golf drivers for women.

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