We take a look at some of the best waterproof golf jackets on the market to help you keep playing through the winter.

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2020

Golf shouldn’t stop when the weather turns inclement, it is one of very few sports that can be played in pretty much anything. That being said, you must be prepared.

As such you should always have the best golf waterproofs you can whether that be trousers, shoes, gloves and so on and so forth.

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Arguably the most important waterproof element to your golfing setup is the jacket because not only will a good model shelter you from the rain and wind, but it will also make the golfing experience infinitely more comfortable despite the conditions.

Bearing that in mind, below we have taken a look at some of our favourite waterproof golf jackets 2020 has to offer.

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2020

FootJoy HydroKnit Pullover

Image credit: FootJoy

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: Seven

+ Soft, stretchy material allows complete freedom of movement.
+ Keeps water and wind at bay impressively well
– Lacks pockets at the waist
– Collar could have been made softer on the neck at the front.

We often get days on the golf course where you never know what weather you will encounter during your four or so hours out in the wilderness, and for these days, the HydroKnit is ideal. It’s soft and stretchy like you would expect from a modern mid-layer, the pieced elastic waistband is flexible and comfortable, and yet it boasts the elemental protection of a waterproof thanks to the Xtreme DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish.

FootJoy HydroKnit Review

Galvin Green Ashton

Image credit: Galvin Green

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: Two

+ Thin and lightweight yet provides exceptional protection from the elements
+ Packs into small spaces
+ Cutting-edge styling
– Lacks side pockets
– Not the quietest material when swinging.

The Ashton has been ergonomically designed for optimum comfort throughout your golf experience and has innovative Shakedry technology which means the garment is constructed with a fabric which makes the water bead up and roll off the surface. Because of this it is more than capable at dealing with both windy and rainy conditions.

All in all, the Shakedry is an innovative, versatile outerwear piece that has the on-course performance to match the cutting-edge styling.

Galvin Green Ashton Jacket Review

Ping Downton Jacket

Image credit: Ping

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: Four

+ Simple yet modern design with several choices in colour and size
+ Top of the range protection
+ Excellent value
– Lacks pockets at the waist

One of the best looking jackets on this list, the Ping Downton has the highest levels of waterproof protection with SensorDry Technology that is designed for the most extreme weather conditions. It has also been constructed with a stretchy, lightweight and soft material so that your swing is not hampered and it makes little noise throughout too.

Puma Ultradry Jacket

Image credit: Puma

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: Three

+ Competes with the best in terms of protection
+ Ventilated back is a nice touch
– Double zip can be a touch fiddly

On the face of it Puma is a brand that pushes the boat out on occasion, and whilst some features and designs may not be to some tastes, what cannot be argued is the overall quality of the products.

Take this Ultradry Jacket for example. Many will like/dislike the eye-catching volt zip and accents on the jacket, and yet that should not detract from the excellent waterproof and windproof protection, the exceptional little details like the waist pockets and cuff adjustors, and the overall quality of this model.

Under Armour Stormproof Rain Jacket

Image credit: Under Armour

Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: Four

+ Stylish and high-quality performance
+ Several nice details golfers will like
– Slightly coarse material could be fairly audible when swinging.

Over the past few years Under Armour has become one of the most popular apparel brands on the market and the outerwear is one part of that success. The level of research and development conducted by the company is astounding and you can see the fruits of that labour in this Stormproof Rain Jacket.

It is a stylish offering that performs well thanks to Storm technology which repels water to protect you from the elements. Additionally the Hydropel zippers and windproof construction also help out in this regard.

Callaway StormGuard Waterproof Jacket

Image credit: Callaway

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: Three

+ Moves freely
+ Warm yet breathable
– A little bulky

Whatever the weather you will be ready in this Callaway StormGuard jacket. Featuring a seam sealed and 3-layer membrane construction, it is noticeably breathable and comfortable. More on that, the Swing Tech technology implemented by Callaway seeks to ensure less resistance throughout the swing too which is an excellent feature.

Adidas Rain .Rdy Jacket

Image credit: Adidas

Sizes: XS-XXL
Colours: One

+ Has everything a golf waterproof jacket should have
+ Use on and off the course
– Only one colour choice

A jacket that would look at home adorning the shoulders of Dustin Johnson or Jon Rahm, the Rain .Rdy is a model that can help you be prepared for any weather out on the golf course.

Not only that but one of its best features is its modern and yet understated design which gives it versatility to be used on and off the golf course. As such there is value for money to be had here.

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Nike Hypershield Rapid Adapt Jacket

Sizes: XS-4XL
Colours: Three

+ 2 jackets in 1
+ Very good range in sizes
– More premium price may be a stumbling block for some

Built with Hypershield fabric to block wind, water and provide a comfortable experience, this model is two jackets in one as the traditional jacket can be changed into a vest. The removable upper/arms are held in place with snap button closure points and whilst that sounds cumbersome, the HyperAdapt technology combines a vent along the back of the shoulders for extra mobility through your swing.

Inesis Mens Waterproof Rain Jacket

Image credit: Inesis

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: Three

+ Versatile waterproof protection
+ Excellent value for money
– Lacks shelf appeal

This Inesis Waterproof Jacket offers unbeatable value for money, with a laminated 3-layer waterproof stretch fabric, including sealed seams and zips. This laminated mesh construction also keeps the fabric from making any scratchy noise throughout the swing too so if you want solid performance without breaking the bank, this is definitely a model to consider.

Mizuno Nexlite 2.0

Image credit: Mizuno

Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: Three

+ Incredibly light
+ Two-year waterproof warranty
– No drawstring at the waist

Built on the success of Mizuno’s ground-breaking Nexlite range, the updated Nexlite 2.0 jacket features some of the lightest fabric on the market. That doesn’t mean it’s waterproof performance can be questioned though as this jacket can deliver in the harshest of conditions.

Glenmuir Elrick

Image credit: Glenmuir

Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: 3

+ Good value for money
+ Versatile, modern styling
– Perhaps requires a softer collar

Founded in Scotland in 1891, Glenmuir know a thing or two about proper wet weather apparel and this Elrick model is no exception. This light, soft-touch jacket is constructed in Glenmuir’s signature two-layer Storm Bloc fabric with four-way stretch, giving you just the kind of unrestricted swing you need. Not only that, it repels water and wind nicely and we particularly liked how the lightweight fabric means you can pretty much carry it in the golf bag all year round.

Sunderland of Scotland Whisperdry Pro-Lite

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2020

Image credit: Sunderland

Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: Four

+ Good adjustability to ensure comfort
+ Lots of choice in colour and size
– Water doesn’t bead off as quickly as we’d have liked

Designed specifically for the golf course, the Whisperdry Pro-Lite is made from a four-way stretch fabric that is soft to touch, breathable. It also has Sunderland’s Never Weather Beaten protection which means it has guaranteed protection for its lifetime against heavy, prolonged rain.

We particularly liked the camo styling and the adjustability on offer here too because you can adjust the waist and cuffs thanks to velcro adjustors which just make it that much easier to get 100 per cent comfortable.

Ping SensorDry 2.5 Jacket

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2020

Image credit: Ping

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: One

+ Simple but high-quality
+ Nice storage options with different pockets
– Only one colour choice

This lightweight, windproof jacket is fully seam-sealed throughout and offers advanced levels of waterproof protection and breathability. It also has plenty of features that often get overlooked in wet weather gear too – for example having two front waist pockets cannot be understated in its importance for a golfer looking to keep a glove or phone dry. Additionally there is also an inner security pocket which is a nice touch.

ProQuip TourFlex Elite

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2020

Image credit: ProQuip

Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: 3

+ Three-year waterproof guarantee
+ Good value on offer
– Uninspiring aesthetics

TourFlex Elite is a high performance Jacket by ProQuip featuring four-way stretch fabric and Teflon coating for total waterproof protection. This fabric also makes it highly breathable and can regulate temperature too which means it comes as no surprise that the jacket comes with a three-year waterproof guarantee.

FootJoy HLV2 Rain Jacket

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2020

Image credit: FootJoy

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: Six

+ Top-quality waterproofing
+ Good selection of colours and sizes
– May require a warmer layer underneath on cold days

FootJoy’s HLV2 Rain Jacket builds on the performance and success of its predecessor and improves it with an all new fabric which is 15 per cent lighter, with 20% more stretch. Additionally it is 100% waterproof thanks to the DWR finish to bead water away.

Galvin Green Apollo Jacket

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2020

Image credit: Galvin Green

Sizes: S-3XL
Colours: 9

+ Front pockets are a welcome addition
+ Excellent lightweight waterproof protection and breathability
+ Great styling, fit and range of motion.
– The premium price may be difficult for some golfers to justify

This full-zip waterproof golf jacket is packed with features that make you feel comfortable on the golf course. Lightweight, stretchy and soft, it allows you to swing unrestricted while keeping elements at bay. The thin material also allows it to be easily combined with warm layers underneath on particularly baltic outings.

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The fit is excellent, with an elasticated drawstring at the waist and Velcro cuffs creating a snug, tailored fit. The other thing to note is the styling – modern, smart and a little in your face without going over the top.

Galvin Green Apollo Jacket Review

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