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Which FootJoy Shoes Are Right For Me?

In order to help answer that question, we have reviewed some of the most popular FootJoy shoes on the market.

There has never been more choice, that’s for certain. A whole range of styles are available, so we’ve taken a look at the current line-up to help your decision making. Be sure you click the links to read the full FootJoy shoes reviews.

FootJoy Shoes Range

FootJoy Arc SL Shoe

FootJoys Shoes, FootJoy Arc SL Shoe


Price: £100

Key Technology:
Active Response Cushioning offers high levels of comfort.
TPU performance spikeless outsole provides on and off-course versatility.
SofCollar hugs foot, supports ankle and helps secure golfer throughout swing.
Leather uppers come with one-year waterproof guarantee.

FootJoy Arc SL Shoe Review

Verdict: This is an athletic shoe that will appeal to golfers looking for a simple, modern design; one that doesn’t go overboard with its eye-catching features but has sporty elements that widen the appeal. If you’re after a spikeless offering that performs but also keeps your spend to a minimum, this is definitely one to try.

Will Suit: Golfers seeking spikeless comfort and performance on a modest budget.

BUY NOW: FootJoy Arc SL Shoes from American Golf for £99.99

FootJoy Tour S Shoe

FootJoy Tour S Review Shoe Review

Price: £220 (BOA £230)

Key Technology:
Wider cleat positioning to maximise ground force for power and control.
Dual-density fit bed, soft foam collar and EVA tongue aid comfort and stability.
A carbon fibre piece in centre of outsole provides stability in a lighter way.
Power Strap on upper helps keep feet in place.

FootJoy Tour S Shoe Review

Verdict: An impressive, all-round package that delivers golf-specific performance while being surprisingly comfortable as a walking shoe. There are softer, more comfortable shoes in FJ’s 2018 range, but none provide the total performance of Tour S. The attention to detail, premium materials and modern styling mean there is still good value in your £220 investment.

Will Suit: Serious golfers looking for the full package.

BUY NOW: FootJoy Tour S Shoes from American Golf for £199.99

FootJoy D.N.A. Helix Shoe

FJ D.N.A. Helix right side

Price: £175

Key Technology:
New outsole design for more stability in heel.
Broader heel platform allows wider spread of cleats for maximum grip.
38 per cent more structured than D.N.A. 2.0.

FootJoy D.N.A. Helix Review

Verdict: As pleasurable a walking shoe as it is a performance shoe when you swing, with the extra width of the cleats seemingly enabling you to use the ground more effectively. It’s not rigid by any means – there’s plenty of movement of the outsole where you need it – but the cleats just give you more confidence when really going after a shot, while also being green friendly.

Will Suit: Golfers who want a light, cleated shoe but require more support.

BUY NOW: FootJoy D.N.A. Helix Shoes from American Golf for £148.95

FootJoy Pro/SL Shoe



Price: £140 (BOA £155)

Key Technology:
Perimeter weighted outsole for stability and lightweight comfort.
Laser Plus Last offers full rounded toe character.
3-piece outsole combines two blends of Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) for cushioning and stability TPU molded sole for traction and versatility.
New style (pictured) available now in black, other colours available in 2019. Original style will continue to be available in 2019.

FootJoy Pro/SL Shoe Review

Verdict: Those who try a pair of the new Pro/SL shoes in the shop will unlikely want to opt for anything else. They’re comfy and they look great, no question, but out on the course this is matched by the all-round performance including a hint of stability that gives you a little more control of your movement during the swing.

Will Suit: Golfers looking for a spikeless model that provides simple comfort and stability without a hefty price tag.

BUY NOW: FootJoy Pro/SL Shoes from American Golf for £99.99


FootJoy Contour Casual



Price: £120

Key technology:
An achilles pad is strategically placed in the heel to help provide additional comfort and keep the foot secure.
The lightweight extra thick Fit-Bed insole provides extreme underfoot comfort and heel support by dampening shock while walking.

Verdict: Ideal for golfers that want a comfortable, soft feeling underfoot as well as cleated grip and performance.

FootJoy Sport SL Women

FootJoy Shoes, FootJoy Sport SL Women

Price: £110 (BOA £130)

Key Technology:
EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) Fit-Beds provide lightweight cushioning underfoot
BreathEasy engineered mesh offers lightweight comfort and durability
Outsole pods ensure slip free round with turf gripping traction

BUY NOW: FootJoy Sport SL Women from American Golf for £70

FootJoy DryJoys For Women

FootJoy Shoes, FootJoy DryJoys For Women

Price: £130 (BOA £150)

Key Technology:
Soft Duramax outsole provides flexability and comfort
Fiberglass composite support bridge provides mid-foot stability
Flex zone enhances flexibility and ensures maximum ground contact
Pulsar cleats feature provide turf grip and walking comfort with radiused legs for extra durability

BUY NOW: FootJoy DryJoys For Women from American Golf for £65

FootJoy Leisure Women

FootJoy Shoes, FootJoy Leisure Women

Price: £95

Key Technology:
Duramax outsole provides flexibility, comfort, turf gripping performance and durability
Breathable Sports Mesh Linings
BreathEasy engineered mesh offers lightweight comfort and durability

BUY NOW: FootJoy Leisure Women from American Golf for £65

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