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Which Odyssey Putter Is Right For Me?

Head shapes, colours, alignment aids, weighting and face type are all variations to take into account when deciding on your Odyssey putter – a brand chosen by many of the world’s best players.

New models continue to be added to popular families, but of all the Odyssey putters out there, which is right for you? We take a look at some of the latest models in the Odyssey putter range. Be sure to click through to our full reviews to find out more.

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Odyssey Putters 2019

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

Price: £199-£219

Key Technology:
10 different head shapes, six mallets and four blades, all of which boast a new White Hot Microhinge insert that enables a smoother roll and improved feel.
Tip-heavy shafts are 40 grams lighter than an Odyssey #7 putter with a design that combines a graphite body with a steel tip.
Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip will also help create more consistency in the swing, allowing for a more smoother and accurate stroke.

Odyssey Toulon Design Putters

Price: From£379

Key Technology:
This new premium putter range focuses on combining beauty and performance.
The nine models feature a deep diamond mill across the face, with cross hatch grooves to control sound and feel by channeling vibration. The small groove inside each diamond pattern is designed to aid roll.
All the putters come in a new Charcoal Smoke finish and with pistol or oversize grips. They are available with the Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft, which is said to improve tempo and consistency.

Verdict: Odyssey’s answer to Scotty Cameron, this is a truly stunning array of putters that offer exceptional feel, admittedly with a premium price tag.

Odyssey O-Works Putters   

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Price: £179-£209

Key Technology:
Microhinge insert technology helps ball stay on line more often from different strike locations on the clubface.
High contrast Versa Alignment technology with a red highlight helps alignment.
Red and Black options available.

Odyssey O-Works Putter Range Review

Verdict: All the putters in the comprehensive range have a premium look and feel to them, from the grip right down to the perimeter weighting for stability and notable performance from the Microhinge insert. You should find your distance control and holing out from short range will improve with a bit of practice.

Will Suit: There’s a model to suit every golfer.

Odyssey EXO Putters

Price: £349

Key Technology:
Precision-milled, with weight-saving aluminium red section contrasting with milled black stainless steel body that increases in MOI for greater stability on strikes across the face.
White Hot Microhinge Insert imparts excellent roll due to Microhinge technology.
Also available with the Stroke Lab technology in some new head designs.

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Verdict: The skim-milled finish creates a premium look and feel, while the red section instantly catches your eye. Being made of a lighter aluminium compared with the steel outer section, the stability this putter offers is exceptional – ideal for inconsistent putters. The alignment features are also perfect for golfers who want or need more visual assistance. The feel off the face is certainly softer than the original White Hot insert and the roll was as pure as any putter we’ve tested this year.

Odyssey Red Ball Putters

Price: £149

Key Technology:
Facing up from the sole of the putter is a red ball, as the name suggests. Suspended above this red ball, attached to the white piece on the topline, is a black circle.
The goal at address is to have the red ball positioned inside the black circle when you stand over the ball for a putt. Odyssey says this will aid the consistency of a golfer’s set-up position, as well as improving alignment.
The black and white framing from Odyssey’s Versa high-contrast alignment helps square the face and also position the ball centrally on the face for better strikes.
Forgiveness on off-centre hits comes from the weight taken out of the centre of the head and redistributed to the perimeter.

Will Suit: Those looking for help with alignment and forgiveness on the greens.

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