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Which Ping Irons Are Right For Me?

The Ping irons range is an extensive one, with every skill level catered for, from game improvers and beginners, to more experienced players, single figure handicappers and professionals.

Getting fit for Ping irons is an enjoyable experience and, once you have the set that’s right for your swing, the game will be even more enjoyable, too.

Here’s an overview of the Ping irons range. Be sure to click the links through to our reviews, which will help you make a decision on which Ping irons are right for your game.

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Ping Irons Range

Ping Blueprint Irons

Ping Blueprint Iron Review

Price: Varied

Key Technology:

  • Blade-style iron sized and shaped to deliver more control
  • Fully forged from 8620 carbon steel
  • Boasts shorter blade lengths, less offset and narrower sole widths than any other Ping iron
  • Four-step, multi-stage process for the one-piece forging provides very tight dimensional tolerance control
  • Machined tungsten toe screw increases the MOI. Internal heel weight allows for precise swing-weight tuning.
  • Hydropearl 2.0 finish.

Ping Blueprint Irons Review

Verdict: Exceptional feel, workability and looks from every angle.

Will Suit: Only the best ball strikers should consider putting the Blueprints in the bag.

Ping i210 Irons  

Ping irons, Ping i210 irons

Price: £126 (per club in steel, £136 in graphite)

Key Technology:

  • Larger, softer elastomer insert in compact head activates for unprecedented feel.
  • Machined face and grooves help provide impact consistency and distance precision.
  • Hot, forgiving long irons and precise, controlled mid and short irons.

Ping i210 Irons Review

Verdict: Provides improvements across the board over i200. We found it to be easier to hit well, which improved our distance and accuracy, while the feel and look has also improved.

Will Suit: More competent ball strikers looking for a touch more forgiveness over the iBlade.

Ping i500 Irons

Ping i500 Iron Review

Price: £149 (per club in steel, £159 graphite)

Key Technology:

  • Forged C300 maraging-steel face and hinged cavity create provide speed, power and distance.
  • Face and grooves precision-milled for consistent ball speeds and reliable ball striking.
  • HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish ensures impact consistency and distance control.

Ping i500 Irons Review

Verdict: A beautiful looking iron from every angle that delivers the consistent speed and forgiveness club golfers are looking for. The look in the bag is what average golfers aspire to play, while the option of different specs as well as the comprehensive shaft range means nearly every ability of player can find a combination to suit their needs.

Will Suit: A wide range of abilities but mostly serious golfers that prioritise distance but want their irons to look like a blade.

Ping G410 Irons  


Price: Varied

Key Technology:

  • Face-flexing technology launches the ball faster and higher to give tour-level distance and stopping power
  • Cascading sole, a top-rail undercut and updated COR-Eye technology create a more flexible, free-moving face
  • Hydropearl Chrome Finish reduces turf friction to improve launch and spin
  • Co-molded cavity bade, which features aluminium and santoprene materials to dampen vibration

Ping G410 Irons Review

Verdict: Easy to hit and offers both excellent distance and accuracy despite it’s smaller, more refined appearance

Will Suit: Mid to high handicappers

Ping G710 Irons  

Ping G710 Iron Review

Price: £149 per club

Key Technology:

  • Strong yet flexible C300 maraging steel
  • Stainless steel body to create a metal-wood like flexing at impact
  • Ping have also added high-density tungsten toe and shaft weights to increase the MOI (Moment of Inertia)
  • Hydropearl chrome finish with black PVD coating provides hydrophobicity to repel water

Ping G710 Irons Review

Verdict: The Ping G710 has clearly been designed to help the average player and our testing shows that it provides ample forgiveness as well as a high ball flight with good, consistent distance. It is forgiving through the turf and also looks great in the bag.

Will Suit: Mid-to-high handicappers who struggle with inconsistent ball striking

Ping iBlade Irons  

Price: £799.99

Key Technology:

  • Activated Elastomer behind face saves weight to aid forgiveness and dampen vibration.
  • Heavier ‘near pure’ tungsten weights in toe raises the MOI for improved forgiveness.

Ping iBlade Iron Review

Verdict: Ping seem to have packed a lot of forgiveness into a small club-head design. A very sleek, workable prospect with excellent feel and distance control.

Will Suit: Top level ball strikers looking to shape shots on demand.

Ping G Le 2 Irons

Price: Varied

Key Technology:

  • COR-Eye Technology acts like a springboard and increases flexing in the face
  • Simultaneous gains in ball speed and shot height help ball carry farther

Will Suit: Lady golfers and/or those with slower than average swing speeds

Ping G410 Crossover Irons  

Ping Irons Range

Price: £199 per club

Key Technology:

  • Hollow G410 Crossover features a 20 per cent narrower sole for added playability from the turf.
  • Features a Maraging steel face attached to 17-4 stainless steel head.
  • Houses a heavier 30g tungsten toe weight to increase forgiveness in the smaller, more iron-like head design
  • Internal ribs are engineered to help stiffen the clubhead body
  • Premium Hydropearl Chrome finish reduces friction.
  • Forward CG helps create less shot bend and improves spin consistency for straighter, more stable trajectories.

Best Utilities 2020

Verdict: A solid performer that looks and play like an iron but offers the ball speed, flight and forgiveness of a hybrid. In the different lofts available, golfers of all skill levels should be able to find a G410 Crossover that fits the gap in their bag nicely and helps them hit all the shots they need.

Will Suit: A wide range of golfers, such is its versatility.

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