Don't miss out on this exclusive offer for the new Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S9 Offer: Exclusive Deal

Golf Monthly has teamed up with to offer you a fantastic deal on the new Samsung Galaxy S9. You won’t find this offer on any other site.

Right now, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S9 for just £39 a month, with an upfront cost of £140, on a 24-month contract with Vodafone.

This gets you unlimited calls and texts, and a massive 16 GB of data each month. That’s 12GB more data than standard.

Not only that, but also has a Double Your Memory promotion, meaning you get a free 64GB microSD card on top of the Samsung Galaxy S9’s built in 64GB of storage, leaving you plenty of space for your photos.

If clicking on a ‘Buy Now’ link we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

This puts the total cost of both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and contract at just £1,076 after 24 months. Considering the Samsung Galaxy S9 will retail for £739 alone, that means you’re paying just over £14 a month for unlimited calls and texts, and the 16GB of data every month (Not forgetting the free extra storage).

Why Get The Samsung Galaxy S9?

So what makes the Samsung Galaxy S9 the smartphone to beat for 2018?

Well Golf Monthly’s sister website says – “The Samsung’s flagship phones have always been known for their exceptional camera quality, but the Galaxy S9 takes it to a whole new level with a mechanical aperture for the first time in a smartphone.”

“This means it has superb low-light picture taking capabilities as well as the ability to take photos with gorgeous background blur making your subject really stand out. There’s also optical image stabilisation to keep everything tack sharp. The Galaxy S9 can also record super slow-motion video for some seriously dramatic footage.”

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get the latest android mobile phone technology and at a price that won’t bust the bank.