Check out the latest putters from TaylorMade and see which one might be best for your game

Which TaylorMade Putter Is Right For Me?

There are a great number of TaylorMade putters on the market, and new models, styles and shapes continue to hit the the shelves, giving golfers of all abilities the opportunity to try something new.

Here is a selection from the current line. Be sure to check out the links through to our reviews, which will help you make a decision on which TaylorMade putter may suit you and your stroke. A new flatstick may help transform your game.

TaylorMade Putter Range

TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection Putters   

TaylorMade TP Black Copper Selection Putters

Price: £219

Key Technology:
Special plating and hand-polishing process for darker finish
Polymer insert for soft feel and angled grooves improve roll

Soto (Blade style)
BUY NOW: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Soto Putter from American Golf for £199

Juno (Blade style)
BUY NOW: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Juno Putter from American Golf for £199

Ardmore 3 (Modern mallet)
BUY NOW: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Ardmore 3 Putter from American Golf for £199

Mullen 2 (Midsize mallet)
BUY NOW: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Mullen 2 Putter from Amazon for £170.16

Verdict: They look the part and have the feel and roll performance to back it up, and without the premium price tag. The face insert produces a soft sound and produced consistent performance.

Will Suit: A wide target audience who prefer a premium look and more classic, simple shapes.

TaylorMade Spider Mini

TaylorMade Spider Mini Putters Revealed

Will Suit: Those who like the feel of a mallet and the visuals of a T-shape sightline but in a smaller size.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Putter

TaylorMade putter, TaylorMade Spider Red Putter

Price: £279

Key Technology:
Extensive perimeter weighting adds stability.
Removed sightline on the crown helps focus on the clubface.
Pure Roll insert combines 45° grooves with a softer polymer to increase topspin and aid a soft feel.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Putter Review

Verdict: High levels of stability enhance both distance control on long range putts and the ability to hole out from short range, even when you don’t make your best stroke. The slight toe hang makes the transition from smaller heads easier and many will prefer the simple, fuss-free look at address.

Will Suit: Those who rely on high levels of stability and forgiveness over alignment assistance, although new models with sightlines have recently been added.

BUY NOW: TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Putter from American Golf for £229

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