The Old Course St Andrews

Fergus Bisset's tribute to the Old Course at St Andrews

A true links lie

Controversially for my first blog about this year’s Open Championship, I’m going to start by talking about another competition ­– last week’s Scottish Open at Royal Aberdeen. Played over the…

Fergus Bisset – Grail Quest Part 4

So, I’ve been in possession of my gleaming new Titleist clubs for a week and a half now and thought I would give a progress report at this early stage.…

On the east coast of Scotland you’re seldom more than a couple of well-struck 3-woods away from a top quality links golf course. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but from my…

Fergus Bisset – Grail Quest Part 3

Fergus has been to Titleist for a custom fit and learned more about his game in two hours than he has in the last two years.

Fergus Bisset begins the search for a new set of irons in an effort to transform his ailing golfing fortunes.