29 Royal Porthcawl

Architect: Hunter
Stats: 6,578 yds, par 72, SSS 73
GF: £50-£120
Visitor information: Best times for visitors are Monday afternoons, Tuesdays all day, Wednesday mornings (first thing), Thursdays all day, Fridays from mid morning, Saturday and Sunday afternoons 

W: royalporthcawl.com
2008 Ranking: 31 (Up 2)
Improvements since 2008 Rankings:
Course: New 12th hole was last major alteration in 2008 whereby 120 yards were added to the hole making it a par 5

Clubhouse: None

Porthcawl offers fabulous sea views from every hole. The opening may strike fear into those with a pull as it hugs the beach, but you then begin the climb to higher ground with a final descent to the closing green outside an old-fashioned clubhouse that is bursting with character. The greens are back to their best after a period of painstaking work.

Panellists’ comments: “As a traditionalist, this was my dream course”; “The flow of the course keeps the golfer completely engaged”

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