Architect: Willie Park (1904), James Braid & Harry Colt (1920s), Donald Steel (1980s)
Stats: 6,725 yds, par 72, SSS 74
GF: £115
Visitor information: Mon-Fri after 09:30, Saturday after 15:30, Sunday after 14:30

2010 Ranking: 41 (up 3)

Improvements since 2010 Rankings:
Course: Aesthetic alterations to the dunes at the 12th & 14th tees, the addition of fairway bunkers to the 1st, 4th & 7th holes

Panellists’ Comments:”This comes very close to my perfect course – golf’s greatest secret!”; “You always look forward to visiting and hate to leave; it’s as simple as that”; “Formby is unique – a hybrid of links and heathland elements with features of both styles in abundance.”

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