47 Royal Cinque Ports

Architect: Hunter, Urmston
Stats: 6,498 yds, par 71, SSS 71
GF: £60-£130
Visitor information: Visitors allowed in week after 9.30 (excluding Wednesday) and weekends
after 11.00. Twoballs except on Tuesdays and Thursdays
W: royalcinqueports.com
2008 Ranking: 53 (Up 6)
Improvements since 2008 Rankings:
Course: Championship course extended to over 7,000 yards with two new sea wall tees
Clubhouse: Dormy House renovated

Always a tough proposition, the Kentish links can be an absolute brute of a course when the weather gets up. As an out-and-back routing the direction of the wind really does play a major role in determining strategy and scoring. The final seven holes, when into the wind, are as tough as they come. However, a day at Deal is not all severe examinations. The recently updated clubhouse (complete with sparkling locker rooms) brings a touch of home comfort, while the upstairs bar and balcony are fabulous places to relax with a beverage and reflect on your round.

Panellists’ comments: “Great variety of holes that use the natural contours to provide the hazards”; “A very tough closing stretch”

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