Architect: George Lowe
Stats: 6,731 yds, par 71, SSS 74
GF: £165 including lunch, £247 for 36 holes
Visitor information: There are visitor times each day apart from Wednesdays and Saturdays. Dormy House visitors can play seven days a week. Parties of over 40 are taken on Mondays and Thursdays.

2010 Ranking: 10 (up 3)

Improvements since 2010 Rankings:

Course: New 7th green, new bunkering and mounding, new championship tees

Panellists’ Comments: “If golf courses were compared on a shot by shot basis like boxers are pound for pound, then Lytham would very likely be the greatest of them all”; “I pity anyone playing here who is not a strong bunker player”; “I will remember some views for many years to come especially coming up the 18th.”

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