We’ve done our list of the Top 100 Courses in UK and Ireland for 2012, and now you can easily figure out how many of them you’ve tee’d it up on.

On the Golf Monthly facebook page we have a new app which allows you to find out exactly how many of the 100 you’ve had the pleasure of playing.

Simply logon, like the page, then select the tracks you’ve been to and find out your total at the end.

Whether you’re trying to figure out your next golf destination, want to establish some friendly competition or simply want to know for your own piece of mind, log on and give it a go.

The comprehensive list includes the best-known courses and some slightly less well-known gems.

Each course was selected and ranked by a thorough evaluation criteria,
which included four categories: Quality of test and design, Condition and Presentation, Visual Appeal and Ambience, with the first two receiving the heaviest weighting.

How many of the Top 100 Courses in UK & Ireland have you played?