Architect: T Morris
2006 position: 56
Stats: 6,601 yds; par 71; SSS 72
GF: £22-£75
T: 01337 830814
W: ladybankgolf.co.uk

A regular host of Open Final Qualifying when it’s at St Andrews, this easy-walking course is both challenging and fun.

The tree-lined fairways, heather and gorse all demand a considered approach to shot-making, but the enjoyment factor depends on this as there are no real views and no real stand-out holes to linger in the memory.

Although there is a trio of long par 5s, the course is not really a draw for big-hitters as the longest of the 11 par 4s is just 417 yards.

Spotting one of the red squirrels that live in the Scots Pines will add to the enjoyment for many. SP

+ Good value; nice inland alternative to the famous links of Fife
– No real thrills; no long par 4s

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