Trevose redesign 13th & 14th holes

Trevose have built an extension to the 13th hole which will increase its length by around 70 yards when the new green comes into play next Spring.

At 511 yards downhill, the 13th was deemed to be too short a par 5 for championship play.

At the same time it was decided to re-route the hole slightly taking it further away from the path that runs along the left of the fairway.

“Looking at the archives, it was noted that the 13thhole used to play more like a dogleg from right to left,” explains Trevose’s head green keeper, Jonathan Wood.

“By putting this dogleg back in place it would address the issue of hitting the drive anywhere near the footpath.

With some well-positioned bunkers to the left of the fairway this would give the tee shot an element of risk and reward, with the reward being a straighter shot into the green.

The further right off the tee would leave a far more demanding approach shot over the green side bunkers.”

“The green itself needed to be sizeable, yet interesting, and with plenty of available pin positions,” adds Mr Wood.

“The land falls from front to back and to change this topography would require hundreds of tons of material and would make the area look out of place.

Quite a few of the greens at Trevose are two-tiered so with the lie of the land it was decided to build a two-tiered green front to back with a smaller front section (one third), to a large back section (two thirds) with quite a dramatic slope running through the green.

This will allow huge differences in length but also make the hole challenging just from using different pin positions on a daily basis.”

The new 13th green is on the land where the 14th tee was. The club did not want to lengthen the 13th only to shorten the 14th.

They have moved the 14th tee onto land beyond the existing course boundary wall, which is on what was part of the 6th fairway on the short course.

This change retains the 14th around its original length and in turn makes it play as more of a dogleg than before.

“The 13th green was seeded in July with plans for it to be opened in May next year,” says Mr Wood.

“Through the winter the club plans to renovate the teeing area and to level and move a few of the bunkers around.”