The Adidas Sport Primeknit Sweater is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Adidas Sport Primeknit Sweater

We’re unquestionably seeing a shift towards golf apparel that can be worn on and off the course. It is that versatility where golfers see the extra value in their investment, especially when you consider the rising prices of golf clothing – you’d do well to pick up a decent performance polo shirt for less than £50 this year.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Fitting that crossover style perfectly is the adidas Sport Primeknit sweater. Never a brand afraid to push the boundaries of design or style, this garment manages to be trendy but suitable for the course too.

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It’s made of stretchy, ventilated adidas Primeknit material for premium comfort and versatile, all-day wear. Ribbing on the cuffs and hem delivers a comfortable, casual fit and you’ll notice the signature three stripes down the top side of the sleeve.

The woollen effect at the top of the chest and arms creates a more traditional look at feel, but performance remains at the heart of the mid layer. It will keep you warm on those cool mornings without letting you overheat, while the stretchy characteristics of the material ensure it moves with you as you swing, so there are no restrictions on your range of motion.

The sweater comes in a range of colours, from a safer dark blue to a more vibrant red, so you should find a style that suits your eye. Either way, we think you’ll appreciate the finer details of this sweater and we’re confident it will become the garment you call upon the most in the changeable weather of the UK. At just over £100, it represents good value for money and for its modern, versatile design, comfortably earns a place on our Editor’s Choice list for 2020.

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