The adidas Tour360 XT SL shoe is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

adidas Tour360 XT SL

Editor’s Choice 2019

adidas has been at the forefront of technological progression in the golf shoe market over the past three decades thanks to their forward-thinking approach to design and innovation and their ability to adopt features and benefits from their shoes designed for other sports. The Tour360 XT successfully showcases these efforts.

In terms of style, the new adidas Tour360 XT shoes deliver an attractive blend of traditional golf shoe looks with a sporting edge. These are aesthetics that will appeal to a broad spectrum of golfers of different ages.

Tremendous traction

The Tour360 XT gets the name from the X-shaped traction system on the outsole, providing multi-directional grip throughout the swing. These X-shaped lugs provide more stability and can react with better traction through uneven lies due to their eight-sided touch points, without sacrificing any comfort. The grip is certainly excellent, even in tougher ground conditions.

The Tour360 XT has a new TPU outsole with eight cleats, down from 10 on the previous version, to increase flexibility and comfort while decreasing weight. The new Tour360 XT is noticeably lighter than former incarnations of the shoe.

adidas’ Boost cushioning now runs from heel to toe, with wider pieces in the heel and forefoot to improve both stability and comfort. A lower-profile look gives players a better feel with the ground.

Increased stability with reduced weight

Underneath the 3-Stripes in the Tour360 XT, adidas implemented a new forging technique by heating that portion of the upper to increase stability in the midfoot while also reducing overall weight of the shoe.

We’ve found these shoes to deliver a superb mix of comfort and support. They’re lightweight but supremely stable and the traction from the cleats and X-shaped lug combination is first class. Fully waterproof, this is a shoe that suits the player seeking a sporty yet traditional golf shoe style and performance in all conditions. Another winning effort from adidas.

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