The Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoes are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA

They say less is more, but that doesn’t apply in the case of the Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoe. While BOA golf shoes across different brands have always had just one dial, adidas has implement two dials on this cutting-edge design to enhance the fit, feel and stability golfers will experience.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Adidas’ premium performance shoe options have always been a popular choice for their sophisticated style and traditional feel. These shoes maintain that, but with a modern twist, that should allow golfers to feel an even more secure, locked in fit.

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The dual Boa dial system has been implemented in a subtle way and is simple to operate. Pull them out to loosen, pull the shoe open, slide your feet in, push the dials back in and then twist to tighten them the appropriate amount. The process is arguably quicker and involves marginally less faff than traditional laces, although there isn’t much in it.

Tightening them both fully gives you that complete locked-in feel while still feeling comfortable to walk in. You limit the chance of the foot moving about inside, which provides a stronger connection with the ground and reduces the risk of blisters forming.

We really like how the second lower dial creates a more snug feeling in the vamp section where most golf shoes can be overly roomy. It crucially does this while maintaining space for the toes to move and not feel pinched in. The other thing that’s great about the separate mid-foot dial is that you can create room by not tightening it as much if you have wide feet.

If you struggle to find a pair of golf shoes that fits perfectly, perhaps the double dial system on the Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoe is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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