The Bushnell Pro XE is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Bushnell Pro XE

Editor’s Choice 2019

A frequent companion of the better player, laser rangefinders now offer even more features than ever before and none personify this trend better than the Bushnell Pro XE.

There are many factors that influence the distance the ball will travel and how far the pin is away from you. The new Pro XE takes even more of these into account, including temperature and altitude as well as Slope, to give you an unprecedented level of accuracy on compensated yardages. Admittedly these features aren’t legal for competition use, but a button on the side quickly and easily disables them for your monthly medal.

In tournament play, you can benefit from the improved PinSeeker with Visual Jolt feature, on which a red ring now appears through the viewfinder along with a vibrating burst when the flag has been detected from the background. This extra reassurance should boost your confidence as to the club required for the upcoming shot.

Another unique feature of the Pro XE is the Bite magnetic mount. This allows it to be stuck to almost anything metallic, the most convenient of which being the frame of a buggy. This means you haven’t got to worry about it getting scratched when discarding it under the dash – it can be stored in a much more convenient place ready to be accessed for your next shot. It even sticks to metalwoods and irons, if you’re carrying your bag and you’re not a fan of the extra level of faff a carry case provides.

Bushnell continues to be a popular choice in the laser rangefinder category due to the growing list of innovative features and the speed and precision with which the flag can be located and the distance displayed. Factor in the impressive range and clarity of the viewfinder, the Pro XE is one of the very best laser rangefinders ever created and well worthy of its place in the 2019 Editor’s Choice list.

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