The Callaway Epic Flash fairway is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway

Editor’s Choice 2019

It’s hard to know in which direction manufacturers can go next, especially where golf clubs are concerned; there’s always that carrot dangling in front of us, as we’re promised more speed distance. At times, we can all become a little sceptical when it comes to the release of a new product.  However, Callaway had us very interested when it unveiled its Epic Flash range, which includes eye-catching new fairways.

Causing a ripple

Replacing the Great Big Bertha epic models, the fairways woods, like the drivers, feature a Flash Face designed by a super computer, which uses machine learning to maximise ball speed. More speed equals more distance, which is what many of us require from a fairway wood so we can reach par 5s in two and, generally, set up better scoring opportunities.

Without delving too deep into the technology, Callaway used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to cycle through 15,000 face design iterations and over 100 impact simulations. Learning from each one, the computer then arrived at the final design when it could no longer be improved. The result is dozens of ripples flowing from heel to toe, which elevates COR in the face’s centre region. “Flash face isn’t something a human would have arrived at any time soon,” says Dr Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of R&D. He’s not wrong.

Enhanced adjustability

The woods are designed to help golfers of all levels and swing speeds achieve greater ball speed and distance. They also feature a new, lighter OptiFit Hosel to make it simple for players to dial in easy launch and flight. Jailbreak technology remains in place, which also helps golfers create extra speed, making it the first time it has been combined with adjustability in a fairway wood. It all adds up to one serious piece of kit. You can call it all a gimmick, or go and have a knock with one yourself. We suggest the latter.

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