The Cleveland Launcher HB Driver is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

The Cleveland Launcher HB Driver is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

In a world where the cost of drivers is only going up and up, the introduction of the Cleveland Launcher HB at under £300 into the crowded market was a refreshing and intriguing one. We’re certain a big chunk of golfers still just want to grip it and rip it. As demands on our time increase, the simplicity of a driver that performs off the shelf without having to hit hundreds of shots on a launch monitor and adjust various weight and loft settings to get the most out of it, is an appealing prospect.

The Launcher HB ticks all those boxes. With some subtle draw bias built in to the forgiving clubhead, along with a springy, powerful clubface, the level of performance we experienced for the extremely modest price tag made it a shoe-in for the Editor’s Choice list.

Visually, it impresses too. The stepped crown provides some alignment assistance while also helping shift the weight in the head lower and deeper for extra forgiveness. The large profile makes it inviting to hit and although the shaft length is long at 45.5 inches, we found clubface control surprisingly easy to achieve.

REVIEW: Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

What also makes this worthy of its selection is its wide appeal – there are a variety of handicaps and swing speeds that could comfortably enjoy the performance package of this driver. It launches the ball high with relatively low spin, a recipe for good distance, with the stability on off-centre hits close to its premium counterparts.

We concluded that for that amount of money, you’ll do well to find a driver that offers as much value as the Cleveland Launcher HB. If you’re looking for a new big stick but want to save a few pounds in the process, it’s one that needs to be right at the top of your test list.