The Cobra King F8 fairway is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Cobra King F8 Fairway

The Cobra King F8 fairway is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

Commonly known as the club in a golfer’s bag that is the most difficult to hit, many people have mixed emotions towards their fairway wood. Its size makes it more intimidating to hit than a driver, while its extra length makes it more tricky strike consistently compared to an iron.

Innovation in this category has been rife in the last decade – we’ve seen beefed up versions, adjustable weights, even carbon fibre crowns – but none come close to Cobra’s Baffler rail system found on the King F8 and F8+ fairway wood in terms of effectiveness and assistance to the golfer.

Shots from the turf are especially daunting to the average golfer, but the Baffler rails make the task considerably easier by allowing the clubhead to glide smoothly and quickly along the top of the ground, sweeping the ball away on its journey.

Should you strike the fairway too early behind the ball, the Rails come into their own, rescuing a bad swing by stopping the clubhead digging down into the ground and minimising its impact.

REVIEW: Cobra King F8 Fairway

From bad lies too, the rails are a godsend. The player can get steep into the back of the ball to avoid the grass behind it, knowing the rails will help the clubhead to keep moving while the loft pops the ball out from its predicament.

Every aspect of the rails has been thought about. They have recently been moved closer together to improve their effectiveness and as the loft increases, they become progressively taller to account for the steeper attack angle usually applied as the club gets shorter.

Adjustable loft, more efficient weighting and a choice between low and high launch and spin are the icing on the cake of this exceptional fairway wood offering that has the ability to suit every type of player, from tour pro to 28 handicapper.