The DST Compressor Training Club is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

DST Compressor Training Club

When GM staff ask tour pros for tips, we’ll often get them to tell us the most common errors they see in amateurs. When it comes to iron-play, one of the most frequent replies is that amateurs tend to hit up on the ball, rather than down on it and compressing it properly.

Editor’s Choice 2020

To strike the ball consistently well, your hands need to stay ahead of the clubhead and line of tension at impact rather than vice-versa, and it is this move that the DST Compressor clubs, with their bent shafts, seek to train.

DST stands for Delayed Strike Technology, and the clubs – either a wedge or an 8-iron – are designed to help golfers feel the correct position of the hands and the club’s handle at impact, with the curve of the shaft setting things in the desired impact position from the outset. One of the golf swings problem’s is that the club is in a very different position at address to how you want it to be at impact, and this makes it difficult to really grasp the ideal impact position.

Clever geometry

The curve of the shaft in a DST Compressor club replicates the shape of a normal shaft under maximum load so you get to feel and see where your hands should be at impact. Achieving this goal will help you regain control of the clubhead, with DST’s stats showing that finding a consistent strike and compressing the ball properly can improve accuracy by 43% and distance control by 50%,

We think it’s a simple but ingenious training aid, and if poor and inconsistent ball-striking is holding you back, and you’re guilty or more of a scooping or picking action with minimal compression – as many of us are – then this could be one of the best investments you could make.

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