The Evnroll ER1.2 Putter is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Evnroll ER1.2 Putter

The Evnroll ER1.2 Putter is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

Evnroll putters are the brainchild of renowned designer Guerin Rife, who has been making flat-sticks for more than 25 years. What he doesn’t know about putters isn’t worth knowing. He is a man who appreciates the intricacies of milled putters – how shaping certain areas can make a big difference to feel and performance – and his ER range is the result.

The biggest success story of his ER Series is his Sweet Face technology, a groove system that helps produce more consistent speeds on putts struck across the face and also assists dispersion by helping heel and toe strikes start closer to the intended line.

Evnroll ER1.2 Putter

The ER1.2 Tour Blade is one of five new models in the ER family and it’s no overstatement to suggest it may be one of the most forgiving Anser-style putters on the market. Slightly mishit putts roll out pretty much exactly the same as well-struck ones and even from long range, dispersion is consistently tight.

This technology will give golfers the confidence they need over the ball on the greens that their upcoming putt will be a good one, either dropping or finishing close to the hole so that those dreaded three-putts during a round are reduced.

It has a slightly thicker toe section, thinner heel section and hollowed out hosel to position the CG in the centre of the face for improved feel.

Not only does the ER1.2 perform, but it looks the part, too. It boasts a premium silver finish with a simple alignment line on the flange and two-dot system on the topline that helps get the correct lie angle.

If a blade isn’t for you there are plenty of other shapes in the ER range to suit all visual preferences and strokes. It is true that all this technology comes with a price, but you’ll soon forget about that once you start holing those knee-knockers time after time. Evnroll ER1.2 putter