The Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Putter is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Putter

Editor’s Choice 2019

The Evnroll ER5 hatchback delivers appealing looks, tremendous stability and great feel, but the striking feature is the consistency of strike across the face and the resulting distance control.

Featuring Guerin Rife’s ground-breaking “Sweet Face” Technology, an innovative and unique mill pattern engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face, Evnroll putters first came to the public’s attention in 2016. Since then, the company has earned a great reputation for producing high-quality putters that many top players have chosen to put in their bags.

The ER5 Hatchback is a classic heel and toe, winged mallet with hatched out centre section. CNC Milled and constructed from 303 stainless steel, the putter has an attractive silver satin finish. It’s a stylish, classic looking mallet with white alignment line and red and white graphics.

Impressive Sweet Face technology

The Sweet Face technology in the Evnroll is a precise milling that progressively imparts more energy transfer on off-centre hits. That means that, although the strike may not be so central, the ball travels the same distance. We found that the consistency achieved with the Evnroll ER5 Hatchback there is certainly something to this technology. The distance control with this putter is pretty impressive compared to the competition.

Nice weighting, solid feel

It’s also a very stable and solid putter through the stroke, with a nice weighting and solid feel. The impact itself is smooth and the sound of the strike appealing. Knowing that, even if you mis-hit the putt slightly, the ball should go the correct distance, definitely inspires confidence as you stand up to a tough putt.

Overall the Evnroll ER5 Hatchback will suit all players seeking a solid, heel and toe mallet style putter that delivers consistency and enhanced distance control.

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