The FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon shoes are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon

The FootJoy Pro/SL has been the most popular spikeless shoe in the world over recent seasons. It has been improved upon in 2020 with the release of the impressive Pro/SL Carbon. This is an extremely comfortable and stable spikeless shoe.

The FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon shoe may look similar to the stylish Pro/SL, but in fact it has a carbon fibre inlay integrated into the midsole running along the entire length of the shoe.

Editor’s Choice 2020

This is said to increase stability, torsion rigidity and ground force optimisation. In addition, a wider outsole with more traction points increases grip.

The Carbon fibre flexes and elastically snaps back to its moulded position with each step recovering more of the energy generated while walking and allowing the body to work less. This will result in less leg and foot fatigue at the end of the round.

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The Pro/SL carbon also boasts a soft 3D moulded collar and an Ortholite Impressions FitBed for comfort as well as two-tone laces for a different look compared with Pro/SL.

Extra stability

The Pro/SL Carbon is noticeably a little more rigid in all directions than the Pro/SL, ideal for golfers with overactive lower halves that need even more stability during their swing. Despite that, it still feels supremely comfortable thanks to the extra padding around the ankle.

Sporting style

We love the crossover look of the Pro/SL Carbon – It’s sporty and modern but it nods to golfing heritage and is clearly still a golf shoe. Available in two colours and with snazzy two-tone laces, it’s a great looking shoe.

Overall the FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon represents a step up from the Pro/SL – Stylish and with excellent new technologies to enhance stability, traction and support. This is one of the most comfortable golf shoes out there.

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