The Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor

The California-based company has experienced meteoric growth to become a global leader in launch monitors and golf simulators, and it’s all thanks to its adoption of camera-based hardware.

Editor’s Choice 2020

We were impressed by the debut of that technology in the GC2. It was portable for indoor and outdoor use and with the optional Head Measurement Tracking unit you could collect the most comprehensive club data ever seen in the industry.

With the GC2 flying off the shelves, more budget became available for R&D, and we were blown away by what came next.

The GCQuad features four cameras that catch 200 pictures during impact from four different perspectives. That combination allows features of the club and ball to be pinpointed like never before, providing millimetre accurate strike and shot data within seconds.

Unlike Trackman, which uses radar based hardware, the GCQuad takes pictures of the face, so as well as ball data you get precise club information such as path, lie angle, angle of attack and strike location, making it a unique teaching tool.

What elevated it further and firmly into this list of golf products was the addition of its Essential Putting Analysis. It means you can track accurate putting data such as speed, path, face to path, lie, loft and angle of attack without the large cost of a specialist SAM putting lab.

With no calibration needed, it’s also easier than any of its competitors to take to the range or course, with all your shot data handily stored on the brand’s cloud system for later analysis. Throw in its removable battery, WiFi, alignment stick and a hitting area six times bigger than GC2 and you’re undoubtedly looking at one of the hottest products in world golf.

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