The Galvin Green Interface-1 Lance Jacket is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Galvin Green Interface-1 Lance Jacket

The Galvin Green Interface-1 Lance Jacket is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

In the extremely competitive golf performance clothing market, Galvin Green has managed to once again create a new concept of product that ticks every box a golfer looks for from a jacket. It needs to be warm but breathable, snug fitting but playable, and keep the majority of the elements at bay.

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The Interface-1 Lance jacket does all those things, and does them with the style, colour and attention to detail we expect from the Swedish golf clothing specialists.

There are in fact 22 products in the Interface-1 range, all placing a huge focus on versatility. The weather in the UK is especially changeable, and as golfers we ideally don’t want to have to keep taking jackets or jumpers on and off to accommodate this.

Solving this problem is the Lance Interface-1 jacket, which Galvin Green are confident you can wear 95 out of 100 rounds. We can see no reason that this isn’t the case.

Yes, it has the stylish looks – from Galvin Green we would expect nothing less – but the golf specific performance is what should grab the headlines.

The material itself is incredibly thin, which minimises its effect on the swing movement and allows it to be easily combined with other layers, should the temperature suddenly drop or the heavens open and a Gore-Tex suit is required. It is also very stretchy, again helping to swing unimpaired, while also feeling soft to the touch for added comfort.

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It’s 100 per cent windproof too, which keeps a degree of the chill out but its underrated quality perhaps is its water repellency. Galvin Green can’t officially say it’s waterproof because it isn’t seam sealed but the fabric itself is surprisingly competent at keeping water at bay and will suffice for all but the heaviest of downpours.

It is so impressively versatile, that European Team Ryder Cup captain Thomas Bjorn has selected it to be included in the team outfits for the upcoming 2018 Ryder Cup at Paris National. We’re not surprised, because the performance is there and with the amount of wear golfers will get from it, Galvin Green’s typically expensive gear just got a load of added value.