The Galvin Green Lincoln Interface-1 Jacket is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Galvin Green Lincoln Interface-1 Jacket

Editor’s Choice 2019

A jacket that does lots of different jobs provides great value for money and the Galvin Green Lincoln Interface-1 is a classic example.

This half-zip Interface-1 garment comes in five colours and is made from a lightweight, breathable and windproof material, making it suitable for the majority of rounds throughout the year. It also features an elastic drawstring at the hem, elastic cuffs and a repositioned side seam for optimum comfort.

We found this jacket to be surprisingly efficient at keeping the wind out given how the thin material is. Its impressive stretch properties ensure freedom of movement is not restricted during the swing.

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The half-zip design is easy to slide on thanks to the soft inner fabric and fits snugly, ensuring no excess material around the torso impedes the swing, helped by the elasticated waist and wrist sections.

The high level of waterproof protection makes it a feasible option for all but the heaviest of downpours – water beads off the outer fabric quickly, leaving no visible trace behind.

The stretchiness of the material is pretty incredible considering how thin it is, which also allows it to be combined easily with other layers either underneath or on top.

The wind resistance also helps keep the winter chill at bay and it can be easily folded and stored in small pockets in your golf bag.

Offering modern styling with up-to-date performance, the Lincoln is an extremely stylish and versatile mid-layer option capable of coping with all but the worst weather. It’s very lightweight, soft to touch and doesn’t impede your swing.

Yes it comes with a premium price tag of just under £190, but you’ll get an awful lot of wear from it for many years so there is still great value to be had, which is why it earns a place on our list.

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