Golf Pride's Align grips are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Golf Pride Align Grips

Golf Pride’s Align grips are one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

For years golf professionals have spent countless hours giving both new and experienced pupils tips to get the perfect grip, but its always been so hard to monitor if things start to go wrong in the time between lessons.

That struggle recently gave Golf Pride a light bulb moment and led to the creation of the MCC Align grip. The innovative hybrid grip takes its popular half-cord, half-rubber multi-compound design and adds Align Technology.

For an age-old problem, it has come up with a brilliantly simple solution. Alongside the all-weather performance material, each Align grip has a raised ridge with a micro-diamond texture that runs along the underside. This physical texture aids consistent hand placements and heightened clubface awareness, which will promote a square clubface both at address and impact.

Grips are very personal, so this technology is also available in the MCC Plus4 Align where a larger lower hand design simulates the feel of extra tape to encourage a lighter grip pressure and more power. You’ll also find the classic Tour Velvet available with Align Technology for players who prefer a simple look and a single texture across both hands.

We found that you can certainly feel the raised ridge as it runs across your fingers, which could be invaluable for newer golfers learning the ropes, and is a great confidence booster for veteran players who may otherwise worry about their grip when they don’t need to.

What we also liked about this technology is that you wouldn’t know it was there if you weren’t holding the club and feeling it, which makes it very unobtrusive and easy to adapt to.

It’s ultimately the mix of simplicity, physical feedback and its benefits to such a wide range of players that gets this Golf Pride MCC Align grip the nod in Editor’s Choice.