The Honma TW747 P irons are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Honma TW747 P Irons

Editor’s Choice 2019

Forged from its Japanese factory, the Honma TWorld747 P is a truly unique game improvement iron. It features a 20g tungsten weight that runs along the entire length of the sole to help launch the ball higher and also defend against common strikes low on the face.

There’s also a graphite dampener behind the face to soften the sound and feel. It is a cast iron, but uses a similar metal to that of the forged irons in the TWorld747 range, so it provides many of the sensations you get from a better player iron.

Unique performance

This iron earns a place on our list for its unique performance package. The 7-iron has a loft of 28.5° (check needed), which is about where most modern-day, mid-to-high handicap 7-irons are positioned. But with that often comes low spin, which is great for increasing distance if the launch angle is high enough, but often comes to the detriment of control and stopping power into greens.

The TWorld747 flips this on its head and combines a relatively low launch with a lot more spin. So while it might not travel as far as other irons of a similar loft, it makes the ball flight a lot more stable – especially on off-centre hits. It is this consistency and tightening of dispersion that is arguably more important on approach shots than simply gain five extra yards.

Extra control

The lower ball flight is easier to control and while they might climb a little more than some would like into the wind, the overall benefits outweigh this one minor flaw tenfold.

The looks will please the majority too. Confidence inspiring without looking chunky or oversized, the TWorld747 P iron offers something for a variety of abilities and visual tastes. Ideal for the inconsistent player wanting to find more greens, it has the potential to help a lot of golfers improve their scores in 2019.

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