The Honma TWorld747 460 driver is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Honma TWorld747 460 Driver

Editor’s Choice 2019

Honma is a brand that has been making golf clubs for 60 years and yet, many golfers here in the UK are hearing about them for the first time this year thanks to the high-profile signing of World No.1 Justin Rose.

Founded in Japan, Honma prides itself on the unique manufacturing process of its clubs by master craftsmen, many of which have been hand-making clubs for more than 30 years to extremely precise tolerances. It is this precision that provide the consistency of performance from the initial fitting, to the club you receive afterwards, to help you be a more consistent player.

This is helped by the modern technology, much of which can be found in the TWorld747 460 driver.

Honma’s first adjustable driver features a unique adjustability system whereby the loft, lie and face angle can be tweaked using a special tool without the position of the shaft changing. All shafts have a spine, an area around which the shaft will naturally bend and keeping that spine in the 6 o’clock position will produce a more consistent strike pattern leading to better results.

It also boasts one of the thinnest graphite crowns on the market, which increases forgiveness and paves the way for two interchangeable 9g and 2.5g weights to be located on the sole to adjust launch and spin.

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Finally, two hidden fangs at top and bottom of the face retain ball speed by absorbing and retaining energy at impact.

It’s no wonder Justin Rose has already seen winning results with his new Honma driver as the performance is certainly up there with any other driver on the market. When you consider this, the fact Honma hand-make their own shafts and the level of precision that goes into everything they do, the premium price tag is more than justified.

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