The KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft

Editor’s Choice 2019

A number of revolutionary putter technologies have caught the headlines in recent months – and they don’t just relate to the flat stick itself. When it comes to the ‘engine of the club’ there’s one manufacturer that boasts quite some level of expertise.

KBS shafts are widely used across the industry by leading manufacturers and professionals. The brand has built its reputation on precision iron shafts, so we were excited to learn how the company has targeted performance on the greens with its first ever putter shaft. This really could help transform your game on the greens this season.

More stability

How? Well, to explain, the bottom section of a steel shaft in irons is reinforced in order to prevent it from bending. With the KBS CT Tour putter shaft, the entire length has been reinforced to help with stability.

Featuring Tour precision bend angles – with single and double bend offerings – the KBS CT Tour putter shaft is stepless with a parallel tip, and its arrival comes on the back of direct feedback from Tour professionals, including Justin Rose.

Given the brand’s reputation, it’s not surprising it has already been selected by some of the major putter manufacturers as their stock putter shaft for the 2019 season.

Get custom fit

The flat stick is the most important club in the bag. As the saying goes, ‘Drive for show, put for dough’ so new technology and new approaches that can help all golfers to hole more putts is certainly very welcome.

Its launch also brings the focus back onto fitting. So, if you’re in the market for a new putter – perhaps you just want to trial something new – be sure to ask your pro or custom fitter about the KBS CT Tour putter shaft.

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