The Mizuno Move Tech Full-Zip Jacket is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Mizuno Move Tech Full-Zip Jacket

Editor’s Choice 2019

Mizuno is famed for its sleek and stylish irons, trusted by top players around the world for their consistency, feel and precision. When the Japanese manufacturer turns that level of expertise to apparel, a similar result is achieved.

The Mizuno Move Tech Lite full-zip jacket is a bit of a work of art. It’s incredibly lightweight and exceptionally minimal. The 4-way stretch material is so thin that it barely feels you are wearing anything.

Free movement through the golf swing

The construction has been carefully planned to be anatomically positioned for the most easy, free movement through the golf swing and the level of comfort is tremendous.

As it’s so thin, this jacket can be folded down very small and easily packed away. It’s ideal for use in warmer climes, if you’re playing early or late and need a thin layer to take the edge of the dawn or dusk chill. It’s a perfect jacket to take away on holiday with you if you’re travelling somewhere hot but the weather forecast looks uncertain.

There are two lined front pockets and a zipped chest pocket offering plenty of storage while the fitted waist and sleeves ensure the jacket fits neatly and comfortably.

A highly versatile garment

Available in white, black or blue, this is a very good-looking garment with a minimal, high backed collar and contrast zip. At just £80 it offers excellent value for money and it’s highly versatile. It’s good as an outer garment to take a chill off, but also useful as a mid-layer in more challenging weathers.

Mizuno consistently produces equipment and apparel that moves the game forward and this super-lightweight jacket provides evidence of this. It’s minimal yet highly effective and will be a useful addition to any golfing wardrobe.

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