The Mizuno MP-18 Irons are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Mizuno MP-18 Irons

The Mizuno MP-18 Irons are one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

A bladed iron represents the ultimate in feel and precision. Their size dictates only the highly competent player need apply and their craftsmanship and beauty puts them a class above all the other iron designs.

For years, Mizuno has lead the way in this niche, aspirational category. Its muscleback irons are forged at the Yoro Forging factory in Hiroshima, Japan, and have been for over 50 years since the original handshake agreement between Mizuno and Chuo was made that still stands today.

Mizuno MP-18 Irons

Mizuno uses a special Grain Flow Forging process, which packs the grains of the carbon steel closer together. This leads to better feel and even more precise distance control, two qualities the intended end user looks for. In the new MP-18, Mizuno has improved this process even further and the result is a masterpiece.

Refined cambers and soft, subtle edges combined with a head that bleeds into the hosel perfectly makes it the best-looking iron around. Certainly this year, perhaps in the last 10 years – although that is a matter of opinion. The sensation when you strike a shot from the sweetspot of the MP-18 blades is unlike any iron. Buttery soft, muted in sound with minimal vibration reaching your hands, it leaves you desperate to hit another ball and experience it all over again.

REVIEW: Mizuno MP-18 irons

Another thing we like about the MP-18 is the surprising level of forgiveness built in to such a compact, slimline clubhead. Like any other blade, severe mishits will be punished, but the golfer can get away with slightly off-centre strikes, more so than other blades from years gone by. Make no mistake, they are still only for the best ball strikers and those who prioritise working the ball a certain direction, but those who can find the middle repeatedly will be rewarded with the feel and precise distance control in a world all of its own.