The Motocaddy M-Tech is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Motocaddy M-Tech

This premium electric trolley from Motocaddy is packed so full of features that it’s hard to do it full justice in a short review. Suffice to say, we’ve used it several times and been hugely impressed by the whole package and several things in particular.

Editor’s Choice 2020

First of all, it looks great with the hand-stitched leather handles adding a touch of class. The full-colour LCD screen can be easily read even in very bright sunlight, and if you also use a Motocaddy bag, it locks firmly in place via the highly effective Easilock system – so no twisting, slipping or sliding around on bumpier terrain.

Another huge plus is the 36+ hole battery, which is ideal if you like to really cram the rounds in. The trolley folds away simply too with the battery in place if you wish, and you can even charge the battery while the trolley is folded down too.

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Powerful yet silent

The trolley feels superlight out on the course and when manoeuvring it from garage to car or car to car park. It runs not only very smoothly, but also unbelievably quietly, too – you really can barely hear the motor.

A couple of other very handy features are the DHC (Downhill Control) function that prevents the trolley from wanting to get away from you downhill, so you won’t have to fight to hold it back even on steep slopes. And then there’s the handy function that lets you set the M-Tech off solo over up to 60 yards in five-yard increments, allowing you to walk on to the green with your putter, for example, while your trolley makes its way to the next tee.

Yes, it’s premium-priced, but we found this trolley a real pleasure to use, with all of the features crammed into it of real practical value to the golfer.

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