The Ocean Tee Bamboo Tees are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Ocean Tee Bamboo Tees

Sustainability is a huge topic and it’s something golfers are increasingly considering across all aspects of the game.

Ocean Tee is striving to promote sustainability within golf and their products showcase innovative processes, textiles and materials that do not impact the environment.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Ocean Tee’s bamboo tees are, as you might expect, made from bamboo. It’s a naturally strong and flexible material that makes highly durable tees.

Aside from the positive environmental story from Ocean Tee, these are also an excellent product. They have the look of a plain-coloured wooden tee, are easily pushed into even the firmest of ground, but they’re far less prone to snap. If you can find it again, one tee can last a whole round. With that in mind, the price of £4.00 for 40 tees is highly reasonable.

Fully sustainable

Every element of the production process of these bamboo tees considers the environment. The Tees are packaged in recyclable matchbox-style units made from FSC Certified card. The printing inks used are non-toxic and no plastic is used at any stage of the manufacturing process.

The bamboo comes from the Jiangxi Province of China where there is a government contracted, sustainably managed 100 hectare bamboo forest.

Long or short tees are available together with a mixed pack. And, as of this season, bamboo castle tees are also in the range.

Fighting plastic pollution

Ocean Tee gives 25% of their profits to UK charities that fight plastic pollution and protect marine environments. And the company currently supplies the PGA Euro Pro Tour as well as a number of clubs in the UK, including Machrihanish.

Ocean Tees are not only strong and durable, they are also environmentally sound and well worthy of a little financial support. We can only do our bit, but it’s worth trying!

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