The Odyssey Toulon Design Atlanta StrokeLab Putter is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Odyssey Toulon Design Atlanta StrokeLab Putter

Editor’s Choice 2019

Part of the new premium putter range from Odyssey, the Toulon Design Atlanta Stroke Lab is a beautiful mid-size mallet delivering on both aesthetics and performance. It may be pricey, but you are paying for an expertly crafted putter that offers tremendous feel.

The putter features a deep diamond mill across the face, with cross hatch grooves to control sound and feel by channelling vibration. The feel off the face is exceptionally smooth and you will notice the difference in the strike.

Exceptional roll straight off the face

The small groove inside each diamond pattern is designed to aid roll and in testing we found this to be the case, the ball rolling quickly off the face, even when struck slightly off the centre.

The charcoal smoke finish is appealing, together with being anti-glare and it will suit those looking for a subtle style to their putter.

Game changing shaft

A key feature is the Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft, which we believe does improve tempo and consistency in the stroke, through a change in weight distribution.

The tip-heavy shafts are 40 grams lighter than standard, with a design that combines a graphite body with a steel tip. The shaft is also slightly stiffer and lower torque than standard putters and so is more appropriate for controlling the heavier putter head.

The additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip also helps create more consistency in the swing, allowing for a smoother and more accurate stroke. We think the Stroke Lab shaft delivers on these characteristics, it suits a player looking for a slower, more stable putting stroke.

The Odyssey Toulon Design Atlanta Stroke Lab excels on a number of fronts – Firstly it looks superb with its smooth charcoal finish, secondly the feel and roll from the diamond mill face is simply superb and finally the weighting, thanks largely to the Stroke Lab shaft, is absolutely spot on.

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