The Ping G410 Crossover is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Ping G410 Crossover

Editor’s Choice 2019

There’s no doubt that fairway woods and hybrids have become easier to hit in recent years. Even when we don’t find the middle of the clubface, modern materials and different weight distribution methods have allowed manufacturers to enhance distance and forgiveness.

However, golfers will always have different preferences; ‘look’ and ‘feel’ are very personal. For example, when faced with a long par 3, or when trying to find position from the tee, some of us just feel more comfortable with an ‘iron’ in our hands. Many of us demand more, as well, and whilst forgiveness is always welcomed, we want a club that does more than just make our bad shots slightly better. This is where Ping’s G410 Crossover comes into its own.

Best of both worlds

This club looks and performs more like an iron. The hollow G410 Crossover features a 20 per cent narrower sole for added playability from the turf. It combines the type of spin you get from your irons with a hot and forgiving clubface like a hybrid. With such versatility, it’s well worth its place in the bag.

A reliable performer

Some will find it’s blade-like appearance a little intimidating, even if forgiveness has been factored in, but the G410 Crossover will help golfers take control of their long game. Everyone encounters difficulty off the tee at some point, when the driver has a tendency to lead to trouble.

Ping’s 410 Crossover iron provides a solution. Giving up a few extra yards – not many given its C300 maraging-steel face and internal rib design – is no great hardship when you factor in potentially greater accuracy and the ability to shape the ball. Then there’s the sound it produces, too, a powerful one, with hopefully the type of end result your long game has been lacking.

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