The Ping G410 irons are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Ping G410 Irons

Editor’s Choice 2019

Much like the improvement we have seen in Ping’s G410 Plus driver, the new G410 irons have also taken a leap forward from their predecessors, the G400 irons. Unbelievably the brand has managed to make the clubs more forgiving and yet smaller in size which is a level of design and manufacturing wizardry that deserves recognition. As such we have selected the irons in our 2019 Editors Choice List.

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Weight Relocation

The main way this has been achieved is through a drastic reallocation of weight, including the removal of the Custom Tuning Port in the cavity and tungsten weights being added in the hosel and toe. A top-rail undercut has been combined with a cascading sole and updated Cor-Eye technology to create a more flexible, free-moving face for increased deflection and ball speed. The rounded sole aids turf interaction, and the feel is solid and explosive without being firm or sounding overly loud or clicky. Because of these subtle changes, most will experience more distance with G410 over G400, as well as more consistency, thanks to improved clubhead stability.

More Appealing Aesthetics

Visually, the G410 has ten per cent less offset and a shorter blade length than G400. Additionally its size will still inspire confidence at address for the game-improver. Further assurance will come from the consistent carry distances and the high, strong and stable ball flight that comes time and time again.

In terms of the Ping irons range the G410 still slots neatly between the i500 and i210, offering golfers of nearly all abilities a little bit of everything. Everyone will enjoy the towering flight, mid spin and competitive ball speed combined with ample forgiveness but in a slimmer, more refined package.

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