The Ping G410 Plus driver is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Ping G410 Plus Driver

Editor’s Choice 2019

Given its overall popularity, Ping had a difficult task facing them when they set out to improve on their Ping G400 driver, however it appears the new Ping G410 Plus has done just that. In fact Ping has added moveable weight and expanded loft adjustability without sacrificing what made G400 so impressive, giving fitters more opportunity to eke out extra yards while controlling dispersion.

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Landmark Moment

Ping has long resisted the implementation of moveable weight as they believed it came with a sacrifice of forgiveness. However on this new model, for the first time ever, Ping have featured a moveable weight in one of their drivers, in the form of a 16 gram tungsten weight that can be relocated at the back of the clubhead, adding ten yards of draw or fade bias while maintaining forgiveness.

Significant Gains

As we mentioned above, the G410 Plus has managed to improve upon the G400 in several ways. In terms of looks it has a smaller footprint than the G400 Max and the weight-saving Dragonfly technology has been moved inside the head. The Turbulators have always caused debate but they remain on the G410, in fact they have been enlarged increasing their effectiveness at boosting club speed by reducing aerodynamic drag.

When we tested the G410 and G400 Max alongside one another we found some incredible gains in terms of performance too. The G410 Plus launched a touch higher than the G400 Max and spin came down by around 200rpm. Because of this we had added club and ball speed which produced a staggering 11-yard increase in carry on average.

Ping has certainly upped their game with the G410 Plus driver. The fact that it is one of the fastest driver we have ever tested and has the ability to suit a wide range of player types made its inclusion in our Editors Choice List a very easy one indeed.

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