The Ping Norse Primaloft II is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Ping Norse Primaloft II

The broad-ranging nature of the sometimes-unpredictable British climate means that year-round golfers must have a variety of garments in their wardrobe to deal with both seasonal and daily variations in the weather. They will certainly need something to keep them warm out on the course at some stage during the golfing year.

Editor’s Choice 2020

We’ve found the Ping Norse PrimaLoft II to deliver admirably on this front, with its thick padded PrimaLoft Silver Active Insulation material doing a superb job of keeping the cold at bay on those chilly club-testing days, while mercifully allowing internally generated moisture to escape and not being so bulky as to restrict your golf swing in any way – sometimes an issue with padded jackets.

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It’s not designed as a waterproof top, but we’ve noticed that the stretchy outer fabric has also repelled water very well during passing showers, meaning there’s no need to add or switch to a waterproof jacket until the rain really sets in. The jacket remains extremely cosy even when wet thanks to its water-resistant technology.

Function and style

Of course, a jacket can perform as well as you like, but if it doesn’t look good too, you’re unlikely to buy it. Thankfully, the PrimaLoft Norse II is blessed with looks to match its performance, its contemporary quilted styling perfectly complementing its functionality and versatility such that most golfers would be equally happy to wear it away from the course as when striding the fairways. This potential for wider use makes it an even more appealing investment.

When you add in a nice snug fit thanks to the drawstring at the waist, two handy zipped front pockets and a low-profile collar designed to minimise contact with your neck, and therefore potential distractions when swinging, it’s easy to see why this lightweight, high-performance jacket has achieved its Editor’s Choice status.

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