The Precision Pro NX9 Slope is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Precision Pro NX9 Slope

Precision Pro has been making reliable, affordable laser rangefinders for a number of years now and the NX9 Slope is the latest model. It hosts even more features than prior models while still coming in at that entry level price point, helping golfers who are on a budge benefit from the extra accuracy and precision that laser rangefinders offer.

Editor’s Choice 2020

The big jump in performance people will notice is around the speed and optics. Precision Pro has incorporated crystal clear optics in the NX9 HD Slope model on a brighter, faster and wider LCD display, helping golfers see what lies ahead more clearly and pick out the flag more easily.

Pulse Vibration Technology delivers a short burst to ensure you’re locking on to the flag and not a tree behind the green while the NX9 HD’s Target Acquisition Technology makes it simple to lock on to the target, even if you have shaky hands or the conditions are particularly windy.

Thenew Magnetic Grip feature adds an internal locking magnet that allows you to store the rangefinder on the side of the golf buggy or even one of your clubs, keeping it within easy reach before your next shot. A slope function really comes into its own on hilly courses and it can be disabled, so you don’t get caught out during a competition.

We found the NX9 HD Slope to fit in our hands perfectly and the view through the viewfinder has really improved.

Coming in at £250, the value for money is superb but it also comes with a two-year warranty within the first two years of ownership as well as a free lifetime battery replacement service for extra piece of mind. Pound for pound, we feel like the Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope laser rangefinder is one of the best models on the market.

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