The Puma Ignite Pwradapt shoes are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Puma Ignite Pwradapt

The Puma Ignite Pwradapt shoes are one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

Not afraid to break the mould, Puma has certainly brought something new and unique to the table in the form of the Pwradapt Ignite golf shoe.

It comes in a few different versions, all of which feature three-dimensional traction elements for more versatile grip from all lies. These special cleats are surrounded by pods which enhance the grip even further, as well as improving green friendliness.

They’re extremely comfy too, thanks to the fact that Ignite Foam cushioning extends all the way along the length of the outsole. The tongue section is especially soft and the leather pieces scattered around add a touch of class to what is clearly more of a sporty, athletic shoe.

The upper has a plastic mesh like look and feel to it, and yet is 100 per cent waterproof – it is surprising how much the water beads off the surface when it comes into contact with it, keeping your feet bone dry underneath.

An interesting feature on this shoe is how the tongue and ankle cushioning element is all one piece extending all the way around the opening your foot enters through. This is said to add comfort and support and it certainly does this, although it does make it a touch more difficult to get your foot inside the shoe in the first place.

Make no mistake, this shoe has the style, but it also has the comfort and performance to match. It’s lightweight, soft to the touch and provides a spring in your step while walking between shots. Most importantly, it also offers ample support and grip from different lies and in varying conditions to hit good shots. You can’t blame your foot slipping from under you as an excuse for hitting a bad shot now, you’ll have to think of something else.