The PXG 0311 P Gen2 Irons are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

PXG 0311 P Gen2 Irons

Editor’s Choice 2019

Since PXG was founded in 2014 the company has made a significant impact on the golf market with a huge emphasis placed on engineering; evidenced by each of their excellent products. This second generation of 0311 irons features many of the same technologies seen in the original 0311 models, but a huge amount of work was put in over a three-year period to enhance what the clubs deliver in terms of: turf interaction, faster ball speed, distance, launch and consistency.

There are four models in the new 0311 Gen2 range and the P is the “players” model, designed for the mid-level to better golfer looking for a balance of playability and forgiveness.

Exceptional energy transfer

The real magic in the PXG irons comes from the COR2 technology – a low density, high speed, vibration dampening material that is injected into the club’s forged, hollow head. It delivers exceptional energy transfer for greater consistency, feel and distance.

Also impressive is the super-thin club face forged from HT1770 high-strength, maraging steel. It’s just 1.5mm thick. The weight saved is shifted to optimise launch and MOI.

There’s no denying, the PXG irons are not cheap. What you are paying for here is the research, the innovation and the materials that go into making that research and innovation a reality.

Performance as impressive as the looks

These are cool looking clubs, there’s no question about it, and they look as good in the bag as they do at address. But at £400 a stick, you’re not simply going to buy them for the aesthetics. That’s not a problem though as they also perform superbly well. There’s no question that there’s more forgiveness than the Gen1. The combination of the perimeter weighting, thin face and COR2 technology make this one of the most technologically advanced and highly performing irons on the market.

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